Phytopathology 2

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  1. what is the oldest plant pathogen known? when is it from?
    • wheat rust, 1300 BCE
    • biotroph
    • airborne
    • requires moisture
  2. What did Aristotle do for pathology?
    described crop devistation and attributed it to warm vapors
  3. What did Theophrastus do for pathology?
    Meticulous description of rust disease and noticed it was common in legumes and cereals.
  4. when was ergotism linked to rye? by whom?
    Thuillier in 1670, fungus discovered in 1853 by Tuslane
  5. The dawn of microbiology:
    Who defined animacules
    who defined cells
    • Van Leeuwenhoek
    • Robert Hook
  6. Who disproved the sopntaneous generation of bacteria? Describe his experiment
    • Louis Pasteur (1870)
    • Boiled nutrient broth, covered one with a filter one with no filter and one with a long curved tube, only the uncovered one grew germs.
    • hypothesised that spores blew in on dust.
  7. Who was Robert Koch?
    He isolated anthrax bacteria from blood in cattle
  8. What are the 4 Koch's postulates
    • 1. Organism is foind in diseased, but not healthy hosts
    • 2. Isolate the organism in pure culture
    • 3. Culture causes disease when introduced into a healthy host
    • 4. same organism can be isolated from second host.
  9. What disease was the first proven by Koch's postulates?
    Late blight of potatoes
  10. Who proved wheat rust with koch's postulates? and also proved wheat rust?
    Anton De Bary
  11. What are the general steps, in order, of the diesase cycle?
    • 1. inoculation
    • 2. attachment
    • 3. penetration
    • 4. infection
    • 5. colonization & growth
    • 6. reproduction & insemination
  12. Define Inoculation
    introduction of pathogen onto susceptible tissue
  13. What is a primary inoculum vs a secondary inoculum?
    • primary- produced on a dormant structure that survives the unfavorable season (starts initial infections)
    • secondary- continues to infect throughout the growing season
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