Underworld Test English 1

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  1. The entrance to the Underworld
  2. Where did all the troubled souls wander aimlessly?
  3. Paradise where the favorites of the gods went. Who were the favorites?
    • Elysium
    • noted bards and great heroes
  4. where did all those go who the gods decided to punish?
  5. Name the 5 rivers
    • Styx
    • Lethe
    • Acheron
    • Phlegethon
    • Cocytus
  6. the river where the dead were ferried across by Charon
  7. River of Forgetfulness
  8. River of Woe
  9. River where fire flowed instead of water
  10. River of Wailing
  11. Who was Charon?
    • ferried dead across Styx
    • his pay was an obolus
  12. Who was Cerberus?
    • monstrous dog
    • guardian of Hades
    • three heads
    • tail of dragon
  13. Who were the furies?
    • attended to Proserpina
    • punished people who had escaped punishment for their crimes
    • afflicted them with horrors of a guilty conscience
    • also called Eumenides
  14. Who was Hecate?
    goddess of witchcraft and sorcery
  15. Who was Somnus
    god of sleep
  16. Who was Mors?
    • god of death
    • brother of Somnus
  17. Who was Morpheus?
    guardian of dreams
  18. Who was Tantalus?
    • monarch who the gods favored but he killed his son and committed many other crimes
    • never ending thirst and hunger, food and water just out of his reach
  19. Who was Ixion?
    • murdered his father in law
    • chained to a wheel that forever rolled down a hill
  20. Who was Sissyphus?
    • king of Corinth but promoted fraud
    • roll a huge marble block up hill and it would always roll back down and he'd have to start over
  21. Danaides?
    • daughters of Danaus (king of Argos)
    • murdered their husbands
    • compelled to carry water in vain
  22. Who was Orpheus?
    • sun of the Mus Calliope and Apollo
    • Apollo gave him a lyre
    • enchanted everyone and everything with his playing
  23. Who was Eurydice?
    • married Orpheus
    • died after two years from snake bite
  24. What did Orpheus do?
    • Orpheus went down to the Underworld and enchanted everyone with his playing, making his way to the palace
    • There he played and begged Pluto and Proserpina to give him his wife back
    • They consented as long as he promised not to look behind him
    • At the end he looked back to check on her but she disappeared
  25. How did Orpheus die?
    • He went through depression for awhile
    • He refused to play with the Maenads and so they threw rocks at his head, killing him
  26. What was another name for Hades?
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