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  1. Tiberius Gracchus
    invented the program of land reform, bur failed because of the Senators' pressure.
  2. Gaius Gracchus (Tribunes)
    revived the agrarian commission, but was hunted.
  3. Marius
    • became a consul and defeated Jugurtha.
    • made important changes in the army: using volunteers, giving military leaders power; lost against Sulla
  4. Sulla
    he improved quality of courts and entire legal system; enemy of Marius
  5. Pompey
    defeated Mithriates and extended Rome's frontier; gained power, prestige, and popular support. One of the first Triumviri
  6. Crassus
    rival of Pompey; allied himself withcarious popular leaders.
  7. Gaius Julius Ceasar
    An ambitious young politician; wanted to build a reputation, a political following, and a military force; defeated Pompey in 49 B.C.
  8. Cicero
    His program was to preserve the republic against demagogues. He wanted to unite the stable elements of the state; was preferred over Catiline by the Senate.
  9. "crossing the Rubicon"
    Caesar decide to make a civil war against Pompey's army and defeated.
  10. March 15, 44 B.C. (Ides of March)
    Caesar entered the Senate, was assassinated.
  11. Mark Antony
    was with the support of the East, chiefly at Alexandria with Cleopatra.
  12. Octavian
    ruled the West(Italy-Rome), was a competitor of Antony. He defeated Antony and became the master of the Mediterranean world.
  13. Cleopatra
    Queen of Egypt; comitted suicide after Antony's lost.
  14.                Octavian
    (Caesar [ruler] Augustus)
    Augustus, Princep(For citizen), Julio-Claudian Dynasty. he kept the Senate, and they followed him. 
  15. Vergil
    Aeneid (Epic);     praise how great Rome and Octavian are
  16. Horace
    Odes: an epic 
  17. Livy
    History of Rome; he recorded all of history of Rome
  18. JC Dynasty
     Tiberius, Caligula, Cladius, Nero (Persecution)
  19. Flavian Dynasty
    • - Vespatian(first plebian emperor), Titus,Domitian
    • Colosseum, Circus Maximus
  20. Five Good Emperors
    - Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius
  21. Diocletian- 
    Letrarchy, Persecution of Christians
  22. Mani
    Judiasm?, Zoroaster, Chris, Gnosticism combined >Manichaeism, from Persia
  23. 313 AD- Constantine
    moved capital to Constantinople -> NEW CAPITAL, used to be Byzantium. supported Christianity. Toleration of Christianity [Edict of Milan 313 AD]
  24. Diocletian
    persecuted Christianity.
  25. Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Huns [Attila]
    threated Roman Empire.
  26. Battle of Adrianople, 378
    Valens (Eastern Roman empire or Byzantine Empire) attacked the Goths (probably Visigoths) and lost
  27. TheodosiusI
    Co-ruler with Valens, made Christianity official.
  28. Council of Nicaea, 325 AD
    • Arianism (Arius) vs. Athanasius
    • • Eucharist(Thanksgiving), Catholic, Orthodox, Heretics, Primacy of Rome.. Athnasius  won.
  29. Jerome: Vulgate
    - Latin translation of the Bible that became the standard text for the Catholic Church.
  30. Augustine: Confessions, The City of God
    (Bishop of Hippo)
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