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  1. Sigmund Freud
    • developed a form of therapy aimed to resolve unconcious conflicts
    • he did not use experimental method
    • used case studies and observation
  2. Ivan Pavlov
    • identified "Classical conditioning" through dogs
    • dogs could learn to addociate a bell with an automatic behaviour
  3. Edward Thorndike
    proposed animal research could help explain human behaviour
  4. John B. Watson
    • extended classical conditioning to children
    • conducted the "Little Albert" experiment
  5. B.F. Skinner
    • it ises reinforcement and punishment to shape behaviours
  6. Albert Bandura
    • demonstrated children learn by social observation or modeling
    • people can learn without any overt change in behaviour
  7. Carl Rogers
    • Father of Humanistic Psychology
    • developed "client-centered therapy"
  8. Abrham Maslow
    • developed theory of motivation
    • developed a "Hierarchy of Needs"
  9. Alric Neisser
    coined the term "cognitive Psychology" as a study of information processing
  10. Karl Lashley
    used surgical techniqes to attempt to locate all areas of the brain responsible for memory, learning, and other functions
  11. Roger Sperry
    condicted SPLIT BRAIN research on animals
  12. Wilhelm Wundt
    • the father of psychology
    • believed the brain should NOT be studied 
    • study the process and content of consciousness
  13. What is Voluntarism and who believed in it?
    • Belief that most behaviour is motivated and that attention is focused for an explicit purpose
    • Wilheml Wundt believed in Voluntarism
  14. He formed the school of Structuralism in the USA
    Edward Thitchrer
  15. This early psychologist sought to desribe mental experiences
    Edward Thitchrer 
  16. What is Structuralism and who believed in it?
    • An attempt to try to identify all of the basic concepts of consciousness
    • Edward thitchrer opened up the school of Structuralism
  17. This early psychologist set up the first psychology lab at Harvard
    WIlliam James 
  18. this early psychologist started the school of FUNCTIONALISM
    William James
  19. What is FUCNTIONALISM 
    Emphasizes the function of the mind in adapting to a changing environment
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