What we need to make MR Images:

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  1. What MR system componet is required to magnetize the proton spins?
  2. What type of magnet is generally associated with high magnetic fields?
  3. What type of magnet allows the magnetic field to be "turned off" when not in use?
  4. Chara associated with the permanent magnet include that this type of system:
  5. What's the MR system component that is used for spatial localization?
  6. Shimming can be achieved either actively or passively, whereby:
  7. A Radiofrequency system is used to:
  8. What MR system component creates the B0 field?
  9. What MR system component creates the B1 field?
  10. What MR system component is used to excite the proton spins?
  11. Depending on the imaging parameters for MR imaging, _____ is Dark on T1 and _____on T2 weighted images
  12. What's the most commonl used Nuclei in MRI?
  13. What's the MR system component whose safet consideration is heating of tissues?
  14. Which component is concerned with acoustic noise?
  15. One and 1/2 Tesla is equal to  _____ Gauss
  16. In an atom, the mass number is:
  17. MRI active nuclei:
  18. Examples of MR active nuclei include: 1H, 31P, 26Fe?
  19. H atom is used in MR b/c?
  20. Cryogens, assoc w/ high field superconducting MR imaging, are used to?
  21. Resistive electromagnets used in MRI:
  22. The MRI magnet located in the scan room contains many coils.  From the inner aspect of the bore to the outside they are:
  23. The equipment room in MR suites contain:
  24. Biological effects associated with the static magnetic field, include:
  25. Radio-Frequency energy that is used in MR today is:
  26. Gradient systems include 3 sets of gradients known as "Z", "Y", and "X". 
    Z runs:
    Y runs:
    X runs:
  27. The isocenter is:
  28. Contraindications for MR inaging include:
  29. What MR system component is safety from projectiles?
  30. What MR system component is used to maintain the homogeneity of B0?
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