Magnetic Force and Fields

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  1. This question is about Electric Fields. Fill in the blanks.
    Symbol ____
    Caused by____
    Affects ____
    Two types of ____
    Simple force rule ____
    • Symbol: E
    • Caused by: Charges
    • Affects: Charges
    • Two types of: Charges- Postive/Negative
    • Simple force rule: Like charges repel, unlike charges attract.

  2. This question is about Magnetic Fields. Fill in the blanks.
    Symbol ____
    Caused by____
    Affects ____
    Two types of ____
    Simple force rule ____
    • Symbol: B
    • Caused by: Magnets (or electric currents)
    • Affects: Magnets (or electric currents)
    • Two types of: Poles (North and South)
    • Simple force rule: Like poles repel, unlike poles attract.
  3. How are strength and direction of the force felt in a magnetic field represented using field lines?
    • The direction of the force is shown by the direction of the field lines.
    • The strength of the force is shown by how close the lines are to one another.
  4. What are three differences between electric fields and magnetic fields?
    • A magnet does not feel a force when placed in an electric field.
    • A positive charge does not feel a force when placed stationary in a magnetic field.
    • Isolated charges exist whereas isolated poles do not.
  5. What hand rule is used to find the direction of field lines when direction of a current is given?
    • The Right Hand Rule.
    • The thumb represents current direction.

    The curled fingers represents the direction of field lines.
  6. Describe the motor effect
    • When a current-carrying wire is placed in a magnetic field the magnetic interaction between the two results in a force.
    • The direction of this force is at right angles to the plane that contains the field and the current.
  7. A single charge moving through a magnetic field also feels a force in exactly the same way that a current feels a force.
    List four factors a force on a moving charge proportional to.
    • The magnitude of the magnetic field, B.
    • The magnitude of the charge, q.
    • The velocity of the charge, v.
    • The sine of the angle, θ, between the velocity of the charge and the field.
  8. Find the equation for magnetic force on a moving charge using the variables B(magnetic field), q (charge), v (velocity of charge), and sinθ (angle between velocity of charge and field.

    Rearrange the equation to find an equation for magnetic field, B.
  9. Outline what each finger in Flemings left hand rule represents.
    • Thumb represents Magnetic Force.
    • Index represents Field
    • Middle represents Current

    Abbreviation: Manchester Football Club, or Mother Fucking Cunt.
  10. Experiments show that 
    What does each letter represent? Rearrange the equation to find an equation for B.
    • B is the magnitude of the magnetic field
    • I is the magnitude of the current
    • L is the length of the current within the magnetic field
    •  is the sine of the angle between the field and current.
  11. Name two different units used to represent magnetic field strenth.
    • Tesla (T)
    • Wieber ()

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Magnetic Force and Fields
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