Magnetic Force and Fields

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  1. This question is about Electric Fields. Fill in the blanks.
    Symbol ____
    Caused by____
    Affects ____
    Two types of ____
    Simple force rule ____
    • Symbol: E
    • Caused by: Charges
    • Affects: Charges
    • Two types of: Charges- Postive/Negative
    • Simple force rule: Like charges repel, unlike charges attract.

  2. This question is about Magnetic Fields. Fill in the blanks.
    Symbol ____
    Caused by____
    Affects ____
    Two types of ____
    Simple force rule ____
    • Symbol: B
    • Caused by: Magnets (or electric currents)
    • Affects: Magnets (or electric currents)
    • Two types of: Poles (North and South)
    • Simple force rule: Like poles repel, unlike poles attract.
  3. How are strength and direction of the force felt in a magnetic field represented using field lines?
    • The direction of the force is shown by the direction of the field lines.
    • The strength of the force is shown by how close the lines are to one another.
  4. What are three differences between electric fields and magnetic fields?
    • A magnet does not feel a force when placed in an electric field.
    • A positive charge does not feel a force when placed stationary in a magnetic field.
    • Isolated charges exist whereas isolated poles do not.
  5. What hand rule is used to find the direction of field lines when direction of a current is given?
    • The Right Hand Rule.
    • The thumb represents current direction.

    The curled fingers represents the direction of field lines.
  6. Describe the motor effect
    • When a current-carrying wire is placed in a magnetic field the magnetic interaction between the two results in a force.
    • The direction of this force is at right angles to the plane that contains the field and the current.
  7. A single charge moving through a magnetic field also feels a force in exactly the same way that a current feels a force.
    List four factors a force on a moving charge proportional to.
    • The magnitude of the magnetic field, B.
    • The magnitude of the charge, q.
    • The velocity of the charge, v.
    • The sine of the angle, θ, between the velocity of the charge and the field.
  8. Find the equation for magnetic force on a moving charge using the variables B(magnetic field), q (charge), v (velocity of charge), and sinθ (angle between velocity of charge and field.

    Rearrange the equation to find an equation for magnetic field, B.
    • Image Upload 1
    • Image Upload 2
  9. Outline what each finger in Flemings left hand rule represents.
    • Thumb represents Magnetic Force.
    • Index represents Field
    • Middle represents Current

    Abbreviation: Manchester Football Club, or Mother Fucking Cunt.
  10. Experiments show that Image Upload 3
    What does each letter represent? Rearrange the equation to find an equation for B.
    • B is the magnitude of the magnetic field
    • I is the magnitude of the current
    • L is the length of the current within the magnetic field
    • Image Upload 4 is the sine of the angle between the field and current.
  11. Name two different units used to represent magnetic field strenth.
    • Tesla (T)
    • Wieber (Image Upload 5)
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