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  1. supply chian management
    the design and management of flows of products, information, and funds throughout the supply chain
  2. supply chain
    the betwirk of all entities involved in producing and delivering a finsihed product to a customer. Includes raw materials and parts, manufacturing, producing, and assembling products. Includes storing, order entry and tracking, distribution, and delivery
  3. value chain or value network
    name given to supply chain since any stages that do not add value to final product are bypassed or eliminated
  4. SCM activities
    • coordination - movement of goods or funds
    • information sharing - forcasts, point of sale data, promotion, inventory
    • collaboration - need for jointly plan, operate, and execute od business decisions
  5. flows through supply chain
    product, information, funds
  6. bullwhip effect
    information shared along supply chian is often delayed or distorted, gets worse as it moves up the chain
  7. service supply chain
    focus more on interaction between customer and provider, considerably shorter, easier info share
  8. intra-organizational intergration
    neccesary for org to effectively intergrate with members of supply chain. Involves marketing, operations, sourcing, and logistics
  9. marketing
    resposible for linking the org to its customers
  10. operations
    organizes the transofrmation of raw materials and finished prodicts and services
  11. sourcing
    responsible for linking the org to its suppliers
  12. logisitics
    responsible for moving and positioning inventory throughout supply chain
  13. cross-enterprise intergration
    predicated on relationship management, requires sharing of risks and rewards
  14. rise of scm
    • massive change in capability and availability of information technology
    • b2b b2consumer
    • greater customer affluence and sophisication
  15. characterisitcs of competitive supply chain
    • responsiveness
    • reliability
    • relationship management
  16. trends
    • globalization
    • outsourcing
    • technology
    • postponement
    • lean supply chain
    • manage disruptions
    • security
    • green
    • innovation
    • financial supply chain
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