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  1. Cooley's theory of socialization states that the self developd form our interactions with others and their reactions to us, this theory is known as
    social self
  2. The act of turning media against itself such as the actions of rocking rolling and adbusters is called...?
    Culture jamming
  3. Jean Kilbourne college lectures and film Killing Us Softly (1979) examine which of the following issues?
    Ways in which women are maimed, sliced, raped, and otherwise deformed in advertisitng images
  4. The O.J Simpson murder case and Hurricane Katrina are examples of which of the following?
    Racial Ideologies 
  5. Gramsci's concept for getting people to do twhat you want them to do by force and sometimes violence is known as?
  6. Gender and engaging in enjoyable premarital sex are examples of learned behaviors that are not natural or universal and are known as..?
    Cultural scripts 
  7. Norms are to ____ as values to ____
    behavior; beliefs 
  8. Class mobility and equal opportunity have their roots in?
  9. If ______ are abstract culture beliefs, then ____ are how they are put into play.
    values; norms
  10. Goth culture tends to exist..
    United Kingdom
  11. The various musical genres and the groups inspire by them such as heavy metalmusic and the goths are examples of which of the following..?
  12. Low culture such as hip hop music is known as?
    pop culture
  13. Which of the following focuses its analysis on large social dynamics at the social and structural level?
  14. In sociology's cousin psychology the focus is on the individual in sociology the focus is above or beyond the individual on group level dynamics and social structure this is known as..
  15. The intended purpose of desegregation of schools in the 1950s was to make education equal for everyone. What was not intended was that many racial minority teachers and principals lost their jobs. This unattended purpose was called? 
    Latent function
  16. Which of the following was the first African American to recieve a Ph. D from Harvard University
    W.E.B. DuBois
  17. Charles H. Cooley argued that the self emerges from how an individual interacts with others and then interprets those interactions he calls this..?
    "looking- glass self" 
  18. The Chicago school was a good place to study community based on social ecology, why?
    Because it was a time of rapid growth in urban America due to a high rate of foreign immigration
  19. Which of the following sociologist wrote Suicide in 1897?
    Emile Durkheim
  20. According to the theory of social solidarity the division of labor in a society helps to determine?
    The way social cohesion among individuals is maintained
  21. The division of labor in society was the first of many sociological contributions from?
    Emile Durkhein
  22. Which of the folowing is the study of social meanings that emphasize subjectivity n understanding human behavior?
    Interpretive Sociology 
  23. Whocriticized Marx for focusing exclusively on economics and social class as an explanation for human behavior and advocate sociological analysis that allowed for multiple influence
    Max Weber
  24. According to Randel Collins 1979 research the expansion of higher education is? 
    Resulted ratcheting up of credentialism and expenditures on formal education rather than reflecting any true societal need for more formal education or opening up opportunity to more people
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