Exam 01 Research Methods

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  1. Archived Research Data
  2. Categorical variable
    variable that varies by type or kind
  3. Causual description
  4. Causual explanation
  5. Causation
  6. Cause
  7. Cause-and-effect relationship
  8. Cohort-sequential design
  9. confounding variables
  10. correlational research
  11. cross-sectional study
  12. dependent variable
  13. descriptive research
    research that attempts to describe some phenomenon, event, or situation.
  14. Direct effect
  15. Documents
  16. Effect
  17. Event sampling
  18. Existing data
  19. Experimental research
    researcher tries to show a cause-effect relationship by changing the independent variable
  20. Extraneous variable
  21. Feild experiment
  22. Focus group
  23. Independent variable
  24. Indirect effect
  25. Internet experiment
  26. Interviews
  27. Laboratory experiement
  28. Laboratory observation
  29. Longitudinal study
  30. Manipulation
  31. Mediating variable
  32. Method of data collection
  33. Moderator variable
  34. Natural manipulation research
  35. Naturalistic observation
  36. Nonexperimental quantitative research
  37. Nonnumerical data
    data that consists of pictures, words, etc. that cannot be expressed as a number.
  38. Numerical data
    data that can be expressed as a number.
  39. Observation
  40. Path analysis
  41. Physical data
  42. Psychological experiment
  43. Qualitative research
    Based on nonnumerical data
  44. Quantitative research
    a research study that is based on numerical data (countable).
  45. Questionnaire
  46. Tests
  47. Third variable problem
  48. time-interval sampling
  49. Triangulation
  50. Variable
    a characteristic or phenomenon that can vary accross or within organisms, situations, or environments.
  51. Quantitative variable
    variable that varies by degree or amount.

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