Marine Bio: Plate Tectonics

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  1. what's convergent?
    -> <-
  2. what's divergent?
    <- ->
  3. what's transform?
    • ->
    • <-
  4. what is 1 fathom?
    6 ft increments
  5. what's echo sounding?
    a meathod of measuring seafloor depth using sound pulses
  6. what's bathymetry
    measuring the deep
  7. what were the three advancements of measuring the sea floor?
    • 1. leadline
    • 2. single beam
    • 3. multi¬†
  8. what's a continental shelf
    shallow extension of the landmass. mostly flat
  9. what's a continental slope?
    steep slope beyond the continental shelf that transitions to deep ocean floor
  10. what's a continental rise?
    gentle slope often made by accumulated  sediments
  11. what are submarine canyons?
    • found on continental slopes.¬†
    • narrow v shaped canyons with steep slopes.
    • usually formed with river systems that cut intot he shelf (erosion)
  12. what's an abyssal plain?
    section of ocean basin floor that are FLAT

  13. when do abyssal plaines normally form?
    after continental rise
  14. what are abyssal hills?
    small hills less than 1000 m high.
  15. how are seamounts formed?
    by volcanoes
  16. description of inner core?
    • -solid, very dense b/c od high amounts of pressure
    • -rich in Fe, Ni. Magnetized and very hot
    • -12000* farenheit
  17. outer core descriptions
    • liquid layer
    • rich in fe and ni
  18. mantle
    • largest, thickest layer of the earth
    • composed of magnesium, iron
    • solid yet mobile
    • hot and deformable
  19. crust description
    • solid layer of rock
    • way colder than interior layers
  20. what are the 2 types of crusts?
    oceanic, continental
  21. oceanic crust is made of
  22. continental is made of
  23. convection currents
    currents that carry continental and oceanic plates

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Marine Bio: Plate Tectonics
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Marine Bio Plate Tectonics

Marine Bio: Plate Tectonics
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