Wordly Wise Lesson 20

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  1. Bogus (adj)
    • 1. Counterfeit or fake
    • 2. False and artificial in tone
  2. Demise (n)
    Demise (n)The end of existence or activity; death
  3. Devise (v)
    To form or arrange in the mind
  4. Enshrine (v)
    To cherish as precious or sacred
  5. Evince (v)
    • 1. To show clearly; to express
    • 2. To provoke
  6. Irrevocable (adj)
    Impossible to change
  7. Martial (adj)
    Having to do with war, armies, or fighting
  8. Memorabilia (n) (pl)
    Objects ollected over time that recall particular events; keepsakes
  9. Mundane (adj)
    Of or relating to ordinary, everyday matters
  10. Patronize (v)
    • 1. To be a supporter or regular customer of
    • 2. To treat in a condescending way
  11. Condescending (adj)
    To treat with apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority
  12. Querulous (adj)
    Apt to find fault with; complaining
  13. Quirk (n)
    • 1. An odd or sudden turn of events
    • 2. A peculiar or eccentric mannerism
  14. Refute (v)
    To prove to be false; to disprove
  15. Sanction
    • (n)
    • 1. Approval or permission from authority
    • 2. An action taken against a country by another
    • Ex.
    • Economic sanctions against South Africa were lifted when it ended its policy of apartheid.
    • (v)
    • 3. To aprove or allow
  16. Tome (n)
    A large, usually scholarly book
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