Temps Traffic

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  1. When may you NOT make a U-turn?
    • >> At any intersection where a police officer is controlling traffic unless the officer instructs you to make a U-turn.
    • >> In a mid-block on any street in a business district or in mid-block on a through (main) highway in a residential district, except where the street or highway in a residential district, except where the street or highway is divided and the turn is made at a legal opening or crossover.
    • >> At any place where signs prohibit such turns.
    • >> Upon a curve or upn the approach to or near the crest of a grade on any undivded highway where the vehicle connot be seen by the driver of any other vehicle with 500 feet approaching from any direction.
    • >> At any place where a U-turn cannot be made safely or without interfering wiht other traffic.
  2. How to make a Y-turn?
    • 1) Check for traffic in your mirrors and blind spot. Signal right. Pull as far right as possible and stop.
    • 2) Check traffic in mirrors and blind spot. When the way is clear, signal left. Make a left-angle turn to the opposite curb or side of the road.
    • 3) Check traffic to left and right. Turn front wheels as far right as possible. Looking behind the vehicle, back far enough so the vehicle clears the curb when you pull forward.
    • 4) Check traffic to left and right and proceed when the way is clear.
  3. When a school bus is stopped and has it's red lights flashing, what is the minimum distance you must stop from a school bus.
    A minimum of 20 feet.
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