anti psychotics

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  1. cholorpromazine
    • 1st gen, antipsychotic
    • MOA: D2, H1, M1, alpha 2 antagonist (BLOCKS EVERYTHING)
    • USES: typical or conventional antipsychotic - decreases + symptoms but doesn't help with - symptoms, antiemetic
    • AE: sedation, weight gain, akathesia, rare (neuroleptic malignant syndrome), tardive dyskinesia (use antimuscarinics to manage)
  2. haloperidol
    • 1st gen, antipsychotic
    • MOA: D2 antagonist - very potent, alpha1 antagonist
    • USES: schizophrenia, 
    • AE: very potenet to most likely to have dyskinesias, sedation, weight gain, NMS, 
    • CI in parkinson's disease, increases prolactin - causing gynecomastia, amenorrhea
  3. clozapine
    • atypical, antipsychotic
    • MOA: 5HT1A partial agonist, 5HT2A antagonist, decreases + and - symptoms. 5HT inhibits DA release, if you inhibit 5HT you will get more DA release. 
    • USES: treatment-resistant schizophrenia, reduction in risk of recurrent suicidal behavior, used in high functioning schizophrenia,
    • AE: sedation, highest risk for diabetes, agranulocytosis - blood counts must be measured
    • no EPS liability, reduce tardive dyskinesias
  4. olanzepine
    • atypical antipsychotic
    • MOA: 5HT2A antagonist, D2 antagonist
    • USES: schizophrenia, bipolar maintenance, reduces + and - symptoms, inreases DA to reduce motor symptoms
    • AE: sedation, weight gain, high risk for diabetes
  5. quetiapine
    • atypical antipsychotic
    • MOA: 5HT1A partial agonist, 5HT2A antagonist, DA receptor antagonist
    • USES: preferred in psychosis in PD and lewy body disease, acute and maintenance schizophrenia
    • AE: sedation, dry mouth, constipation
    • has no motor side effects and no prolactin elevation
  6. risperidone
    • atypical antipsychotic
    • MOA: 5HT2A antagonist, D2 antagonist, doesn't bind muscarinic or histamine receptors, still binds to alpha receptors
    • USES: schizophrenia, acute maintenance, approved for 13-17
    • AE: high doess can produce ESPs, weight gain
  7. asenapine
    • atypical antipsychotic
    • MOA: 5HT2A antagonist, D2 antagoinst, binds H1 and alpha1
    • USES: schziophrenia, acute tx ofr mania and mixed mania
    • AE: high doses can produce ESP, weight gain
    • sublingual tablet
  8. aripiprazole
    • atypical antipsychotic
    • MOA: 5HT1A partial agonist, 5HT2A antagonist, D2 partial agonist
    • USES: stabalizes DA, schizophrenia, acute and maintenance, approved to treat irritability in autism children 6-17
    • AE: less sedation and weight gain, akathisia, low risk for diabetes
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