Abbreviations Chapters 1 - 4

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  1. AC
    Before Meals
  2. W N L
    Within Normal Limits
  3. PC
    After Meals
  4. CC
    Chief Complaint
  5. A D L
    Activities of Daily Living
  6. B I D
    Twice per Day
  7. C T or C A T
    Computerized Axial Tomography
  8. C
  9. E C G or E K G
  10. F
  11. M R I
    Magnetic Resonance Imagery
  12. N P O
    Nothing By Mouth
  13. O T C
    Over the Counter
  14. A Q.
    Water or Aqua
  15. A D H D
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  16. A D D
    Attention Deficit Disorder
  17. Dx
  18. Ad Lib
    As desired, freely
  19. Stat
  20. Rx
  21. Q I D
    Four Times per Day
  22. PE
    Physical Examination
  23. P R N
    As Needed
  24. P E T
    Positron Emission Tomography
  25. DOB
    Date of Birth
  26. ED
    Emergency Department
  27. E N T
    Ears Nose and Throat
  28. F H
    Family History
  29. G P
    General Practitioner
  30. H & P
    History and Physical
  31. H I P P A
    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  32. H P I
    History of Present Illness
  33. H Hx
    Health History
  34. IP
  35. L P N
    Licensed Practical Nurse
  36. L V N
    Licensed Vocational Nurse
  37. MD
    Doctor of Medicine
  38. OB
  39. OP
    Out Patient
  40. Or
    Operating Room
  41. P A
    Physicians Assistant
  42. P M H
    Past Medical History
  43. Pt
  44. RN
    Registered Nurse
  45. R O S
    Review of Systems
  46. S S N
    Social Security Number
  47. Tx
  48. VS
    Vital Signs
  49. O D
    Over dose
  50. T I D
    Three times a Day
  51. A C S
    American Cancer Society
  52. C D C
    Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  53. F E M A
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
  54. H P F
    High Power Field
  55. I E D
    Improvised Explosive Device
  56. L P F
    Low Power Field
  57. M R S A
    Methicillin - Resistant Staphylocuccus Aureus
  58. N I H
    National Institute of Health
  59. Staph
  60. S T D
    Sexually Transmitted Disease
  61. Strep
  62. W M D
    Weapons of mass destruction
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Abbreviations Chapter 1 - 4
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