Willis Avenue Bridge

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  1. Do you have to pay Toll at the Willis Avenue Bridge?
    No Toll
  2. Which Boroughs are connected by the Willis Avenue Bridge?
    Manhattan and The Bronx
  3. In Manhattan, which Street and Avenue Enters the Willis Avenue Bridge?
    1st Avenue and 125th Street
  4. In Manhattan, which Highways enter the Willis Avenue Bridge?
    FDR or East River Drive
  5. Which River does the Willis Avenue Bridge cross?
    The Harlem River Drive
  6. In The Bronx, what is the name of the Avenue that Exits the Willis Avenue Bridge?
    Willis Avenue
  7. In The Bronx, what are the Expressways that exits the Willis Avenue Bridge?
    Bruckner Expressway and Major Deegan Expressway
  8. In The Bronx, in which Neighborhood is the Willis Avenue Bridge located?
    Mott Haven
  9. Is the Willis Avenue Bridge a One Way bridge to The Bronx?
    Yes, only travels toward The Bronx and does not bring you back to Manhattan
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