George Washington Bridge

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  1. Do you have to Pay Toll at the George Washington Bridge?
    Yes, pay Toll
  2. Which States are connected by the George Washington Bridge?
    New York and New Jersey
  3. What are the Name(s) of the Entrances from Manhattan to George Washington Bridge?
    Henry Hudson River Parkway

    Harlem River Drive and 179th Street

    Fort Washington Ave. and 179th Street
  4. Which River crosses the George Washington Bridge?
    The Hudson River
  5. In Manhattan, what is the name of the Neighborhood where the George Washington Bridge is located?
    Washington Heights
  6. What is the Name of the Nearest Hospital to the George Washington Bridge?
    Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
  7. What is the Name of the Expressway that connects the George Washington Bridge with the Alexander Hamilton Bridge?
    The Trans Manhattan Expressway

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George Washington Bridge
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George Washington Bridge
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