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  1. What is communication?
    • The process of transfering information form a sender to a receiver. 
    • Communication is only effective when people understand the message correctly, and when the people respond the the message the way the sender wants them to. 
  2. 8 Steps of the communication process. 
    • 1. Sender has an idea
    • 2. Sender encodes the indea into a message
    • 3. Sender produces message into a medium. 
    • 4. Sender transmits a message through a channel 
    • 5. Audience receives the message
    • 6. Audience decodes the message
    • 7. Audience responds to the message
    • 8. Audience provides feedback
  3. What is interference?
    Anything that interfeers with the communication of a message. 
  4. What is internal Interference?
    Things going on within yourself (persoal stuff) that interfeers with the communication prosess. 
  5. What is external interference?
    Things that are outside of your control 
  6. What are the 5 forms of communication?
    • 1. face to face
    • 2. Phone
    • 3. Written documents 
    • 4. Email
    • 5. Social Networking
  7. Some tips to be a good Face to face Communicator
    • Pay attention
    • Watch body language
    • Honor the other person's time. 
    • Prepare... i.e. think about what you have to say. 
    • Ask for feedback
  8. Some tips to be a good Phone communicator. 
    • sound enthusiastic
    • Keep it short
    • Answer appropiately
    • Glad you called.
  9. Wrotten documents (tips)
    Email (tips)
    Social networking 
    • written documents 
    •   Propper writing style
    •   Correct names/ information
    •   Avid informal language
    •   spell check

    • Social Networking
    • Watch spelling
    • avoid religoin/politics/lifstyle
    • whould you want your grandma to see it?
    • Think about how you are representing yourself
  10. What are some characteristics of effective communication?
    • Good nonverbals 
    • Interesting
    • Practical Information
    • Clarify and condese information
  11. Who is a stakholder?
    A group affected in some way by the company's actions. 
  12. What is internal communcation?
    Exchange of information and ideas within an organization
  13. What is external communication?
    Exchange of information and ideas with others outside of your organization
  14. What is formal communcation?
    it is the type communcation that flows along the lines of command of a company. 
  15. Informal communication
    Lunch time talk... Hierarchy is not concerned. 
  16. What is ETHICS
    The branch of phylosophy that deals with issues of right and wrong in humman affairs. 
  17. What are some characteristics of ethical behavior?
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Fairness
    • Concern for others
  18. What is plaigarism?
    Presentign another peron's language or ides as your own. 
  19. What is Global Plagiarism?
    Stealing a work entirely from a single source and passing it off as one's own. 
  20. What is patchwork plagiarism?
    Stealing ideas from two or three sources and passing them off as one's own.
  21. Incremental Plagiarism 
    Failing to give credit for particular parts of a work that are borrowed from other people. 
  22. What are some characteristics of a formal team?
    • permanent commites 
    • plan strategies
    • Review results
    • Handle employee issue. 
  23. What are some characteristics of informal teams?
    • Temporary teams
    • Solve problems
    • Handle specific issues
    • Encourage participation
  24. What are some advantages of working in teams?
    • Share workload
    • Increase information
    • Broad knowledge base
    • Diversity of views
    • Better Performance levels 
  25. What are some dissadvantages of working in teams?
    • Groupthink ( withold information)
    • Peerpressure
    • Hidden agendas
    • Free riders
    • High costs
  26. What are some of the things you should do to have a succesful team?
    • 1. Select members
    • 2. Agree on goals
    • 3. Take time to bond
    • 4. Clarify responsibilities.
    • 5. Clarify process. 
    • 6. Pick tools and methods 
    • 7. Avoid Group writting
    • 8. Check progress often
  27. what are some characteristic of the "Self Oriented" members of a group?
    • Controling and Diverting
    • Withdrawing 
    • Seeking attention
  28. what are some characteristic of the "Team maintanance" members of a group?
    • Encoraging
    • Harmonizing 
    • Compromising
  29. what are some characteristic of the "Task Facilitating" members of a group 
    • Initiate/coordinate
    • Seeking information
    • Settting procedures
  30. What are the 5 phases of team development?
    • 1. Orientation
    • 2. Conflict
    • 3. Brainstorming
    • 4. Emergence( agree on goal)
    • 5. Reinforcement 
  31. what are some of the causes of conflict within a team?
    • Scarce Resources
    • Task responsibilites
    • Poor communication
    • Attitudes and values
    • Power struggles
    • Conflictiong goals
  32. What are characteristics of Constructive Conflict?
    • Exposses issue
    • Boosts involvement
    • Generates ideas
  33. What are characteristics of Destructive Conflict?
    • Diverts energy
    • Destroys Morale 
    • Divde the teams
  34. What are some ways to resolve conflict?
    • Proaction
    • flexibility 
    • communication
    • fair play
    • openess 
    • alliance 
  35. What is intercultural communication?
    Is the process of sending and receiving messages between people whose cultural backgrounds could lead them to interpret verbal and nonverbal sings differently. 
  36. What is culture?
    A shared system of symbols, bliefs, attitudes, values, expectatons, and norms of behavior.
  37. Waht is ethnocentricism?
    The belief that one's own culture or group is superior to all others. 
  38. Waht is Xenophobia?
    Fearing strangers and foreingers
  39. what is stereotyping?
    assigning a range of generalized atrributes to an individual on the basis of membership in a particular culture or social group without considering the individual's unike characteristics . 
  40. What is a youth oriented culture ?
    a culture in which the youth is the focus. 
  41. Senior-oriented culure?
    Culture in which the elderly is the focus. 
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