day 6

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  1. As a result of an action potential, vesicles...
    release their nuerotransmitters into the synapse

    -voltage gated calcium channels open
  2. Where are the voltage gated calcium channels concentrated?
    near the synapse
  3. Influx of Ca causes...
    vesicles to move to the presynaptic membrane
  4. Without action potential...
    no neurotransmittter is released
  5. Lowering the amount of the concentration of calcium around the axon terminal....
    reduces the amount of neurotransmitter is released
  6. Who discovered neurotransmitters?
    Otto Loewi
  7. What form do vesicles release Neurotransmitters?
  8. what are receptors? (2)
    proteins in the membrane of theĀ post-synaptic cleft in which neurotransmitters molecules bind to proteins.

    -will only bind to specific neurotransmitters
  9. 2 types of neurontransmitters
    -small-molecule and peptide neurotransmitters
  10. 3 major types of receptors


  11. quick description of Autoreceptors
    -subset of receptors that are positioned on the pre-synaptic membrane

    -when NT binds to autoreceptor it either inhibits or sitmulates the relase of NT
  12. Ionotropic receptors
    • -when NT(ligand) binds to I.R it causes immediate change in receptor
    • * channel opens up usually allowing flow of ions to go in

    -located on the post-synaptic
  13. What happens when NT crosses the synapse?
    -interacts with iontropic receptors to open channels on the postsynaptic membrane
  14. Metabotropic receptors
    -more prevalent than ionotropic

    -when NT binds to them, causes a cascade of intracellular events to occur
  15. what is a ligand?
    molecule that ninds to another

    ex) NT is a ligand to its receptor
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