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  1. Bundle
    • verbo
    • empacotar: pack, bundle, bale, case, fill in
    • embrulhar: wrap up, bundle, fold, convolve, embroil, put up

    • substantivo
    • pacote: package, packet, pack, bundle, parcel
    • feixe: bundle, sheaf, cluster, bunch, fagot, pack
    • trouxa: bundle, pack, cully, goat
    • fardo: burden, bale, bundle, truss, weight, pack
    • maço: packet, pack, bundle, bunch, sheaf, wad
    • embrulho: package, parcel, bundle, pack
    • fascículo: fascicle, installment, bundle
    • duas resmas: bundle
  2. Thorough
    • adjetivo
    • completo - complete, full, entire, completed, whole, thorough
    • minucioso - minute, thorough, searching, scrupulous, particular, rigorous
    • meticuloso -  meticulous, thorough, painstaking, careful, punctilious, finicky
    • cuidadoso - careful, thorough, accurate, painstaking, mindful, close
    • perfeito - perfect, flawless, clean, thorough, sound, absolute
    • radical - radical, root, thorough, rabid
    • íntimo - intimate, inmost, innermost, inward, familiar, thorough
  3. chunks
  4. deal
    • verbo
    • tratar  treat, deal, process, manage, do, attend
    • negociar negotiate, deal, bargain, sell, transact, parley
    • dar give, provide, afford, yield, allow, deal
    • traficar deal, huckster
    • repartir share, allocate, distribute, apportion, dish out, deal
    • dividir divide, share, break, slice, part, deal
    • comprar buy, purchase, get, acquire, go shopping, deal
    • ocupar-se de deal, undertake

    • substantivo
    • acordo agreement, accordance, deal, accord, keeping, cartel
    • negociação negotiation, deal, parley
    • parte part, portion, piece, section, deal, lot
    • transação transaction, deal, negotiation
    • quantidade amount, quantity, number, deal, length, measure
    • ação action, share, acting, act, activity, deal
    • barganha bargain, deal, trickery, swindle, transaction
    • ato act, action, deed, ceremony, thing, deal
    • documento judicial deal
    • escritura deed, charter, writ, contract, deal
    • mão em jogo de cartas deal

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