advanced word power ch 3 and 4

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  1. parsimonious
    too thrifty; stingy; miserly
  2. prodigal
    wasteful and reckless with money
  3. exuberance
    high spirited enthusiasm
  4. writhe
    to twist and turn, as in pain or discomfort
  5. decadence
    a condition of morlal deterioration; decay
  6. exemplary
    worth of imitation; praiseworthy
  7. insolvent
    unable to pay debts; penniless
  8. coalesce
    to merge to form one whole
  9. surreptitious
    done in a secret or sly way; stealthy
  10. incidental
    occurring as a minor consequence of something more important
  11. querulous
    complaining; whining
  12. lampoon
    to attack or ridicule through humorous imitation
  13. reproach
    blame; a rebuke
  14. brevity
    briefness; shortness of duration
  15. torpor
    a state of mental or physical inactivity; sluggishness
  16. heist
    a theft
  17. frivolous
    not sensible; not properly serious; silly
  18. clemency
    mercy in judging; leniency
  19. unscathed
    not harmed or injured
  20. respite
    a short period of rest or relief; time out
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