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  1. What is marketing research?
    Is the process of planning, collecting and ananlyzing data relevant to a marketing decision.
  2. The role of MR is?
    decsriptive - gathering & presenting factual statements

    diagnostic - explaining data

    predictive - what if?
  3. Marketing research process consists of:
    • 1. identify the problem/objective
    • 2. plan the research design
    • 3. specify sampling procedures
    • 4. collect primary data
    • 5. analyze data
    • 6. prepare/present report
    • 7. follow up
  4. qualitative research is:
    • interview
    • focus group
    • observation
  5. quantitative research can be?
    survey (online, mall, phon, mail, in-home) & experiment
  6. questionnaire design:
    open-ended question - in customer's own words

    • closed-ended question - make a selection from a limited list of responses
    • scaled-response - a close-ended question that measures intensity of response
  7. Sampling procedure:
    sample - a subset from large population

    universe - the population from which a sample will be drawn
  8. Probability sample means that...
    ...every element in the population has a known statistical likelihood of being selected

    random sample - every element has an equal chance of being selected
  9. Nonprobability sample means...
    ...little or no attempt is made to get a representative cross-section of the population

    convenience sample - a form of nonprob. sample that uses respondents who are coveniently available to the researcher
  10. types of errors are:
    measurement error - there is a difference between the information desired by the researcher and the information provided (people tell researcher they purchase a product where they actually don't)

    sampling error - sample doesn't represent the target population. These can be:

    • frame errors - i.e. phone book used as a frame (not all beer drinkers are listed or have a phone
    • random error - sample chosen, it shows how accurately samples avreage (mean) represents population's average (mean); one day we may get 18% another only 12%.
  11. Sources of secondary data are:
    • internal corporate database
    • government agencies
    • trade associations
    • business periodicals
    • other news media
  12. What is scanner-based research?
    a system for gathering data from a single group of respondents by monitoring the marketing mix and the things they buy.

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