Trojan War Test English 1

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  1. Who was Thetis?
    Achilles' mom
  2. Who got married?
    Thetis and Peleus got married
  3. Who was Eris
    the goddess of discord
  4. Why did Eris show up to the wedding?
    She had not been invited and decided to take revenge
  5. What was Eris' revenge?
    She threw a golden apple labeled for the fairest, causing the goddesses to fight over who was indeed, the fairest
  6. Where did the golden apple come from?
    The Garden of Hsperides
  7. Who were the final three contestents?
    • Juno
    • Venus
    • Minerva
  8. Who was put in charge of making the decision?
    Paris of Troy
  9. Who reigned over Troy?
  10. What was Paris' destiny?
    Paris was destined to cause the destruction of his people
  11. What did each goddess promise Paris
    • Juno - great power and hapiness in his domestic life
    • Minerva - wisdom and respect from everyone
    • Venus - promised him the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife
  12. Who did Paris  award the golden apple?
  13. Who were the brothers of Helen and who were her parents?
    • Castor and Pollux
    • Leda and Jupiter
  14. What was the oath of Helen's suitors and who came up with the idea?
    • the oath was that they would punish anyone who tried to molest Helen or her husband
    • Ulysses came up with the idea
  15. Who was Helen's husband?
    Menelaus, king of Sparta was chosen by Helen to be her husband
  16. What did Paris do to cause conflict?
    Convinced Helen to elope with him back to Troy
  17. What was the problem with Ulysses?
    He didn't want to keep his oath
  18. What did Menelaus do after Helen had left?
    He called all the suitors to form an army
  19. Who were some of the great heroes in the greek army?
    • Menelaus
    • Agamemnon
    • Nestor the sage
    • Ullysses
    • Ajax
    • Diomedes
    • Stentor
  20. What was fortold by the oracles about Achilles?
    • The greeks couldn't win without him
    • He would die in a war against Troy
  21. Who was Agamemnons daughter?
  22. What happened to Agamemnon's daughter?
    • When out hunting Agamemnon slew a stag sacred to Diana
    • The oracle said Diana wouldn't be satisfied until his daughter was sacrificed
    • Right before she was sacrificed, Diana switched her out for a hart and she went and became a priestess
  23. Which gods favored the Trojans
    • Venus
    • Mars
  24. Which gods favored the Greeks?
    • Juno
    • Minerva
    • Neptune
  25. Which gods were neutral?
    • Zeus,  though he had to intervene at times
    • Apollo who switched between sides
  26. Why did Achilles refuse to fight? What happened because of that?
    • Agamemnon and Achilles got in a fight over the division of spoils in the war
    • Thetis went to Jupiter and asked him to let the Trojans to win for awhile
  27. Who were Hector's wife and son?
    • Andromachne
    • Astyanax
  28. Who was Patroclus and what did he do?
    • Patroclus was Achilles' close friend and when Achilles refused to fight, Patroclus put on his armor and pretending to be him, went out into battle
    • Patroclus died in battle
  29. Who was the son of Jupiter?
  30. Who made Achilles' new armor?
  31. What did Hector do when the Trojans went inside the city
    He stood and waited for Achilles
  32. What happened when Achilles and Hector faced off?
    Achilles chased Hector around the city and when they stopped Achilles stabbed Hector in the weak spot of his armor (neck) 
  33. What happened when Paris died?
    • The war continued
    • Helen married his brother Deiphobus
  34. Who was Laocoon?
    • The priest that told the Trojans not to allow the horse in, it was a trick.
    • Serphants came up and dragged him into the sea, spurring the Trojans on
  35. What happened with the Trojan horse?
    The greeks all of the sudden left and in their place was a wooden horse as an offering to Minerva. It was taken inside the gates and after the Trojans had gone to sleep the greeks snuck out and destroyed the city.
  36. What happened to Helen in the end after the war?
    Menelaus forgave her and she went back to being married to him
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