General Biology Test 1

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  1. Biology
    Unifies much of natural science
  2. Cell
    • *basic unit of life
    • *cellular level- atoms, molecules, organelles, cells
  3. Tissue
    *organismal level- tissue, organs, organ system
  4. Organ
    *Organismal level-two or second
  5. Population
    • is the community
    • * poplutation level- species-community-ecosyetem-biosphere
  6. Emergent Properties
    Result form interaction of components and cannot be deduced by looking at parts themselves

    Ex: life is an emergent property 
  7. Deductive Reasoning 
    Uses general principles to make specific predictions
  8. Inductive Reasoning
    Uses specific observations to develop general conclusions
  9. Hypothesis
    • Possibel explanation for an observation 
    • *must be tested to determine validity
    • *tested in many different ways
    • *allows for predictions to be made
  10. Scientific Theory
    body of intercconnected concepts supported by much experimental evidence and reasoning expresses ideas of which we are most certain
  11. Darwin
    • Naturalist who mapped expeditions around coastal south america 
    • *30 years of observation 
    • * wrote "on the origin of species by means of natural selection"
  12. Evolution
    how living things have change over time
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