Salvage & Overhaul

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  1. Salvage cover size?
    Range in sizes up to 12' x 16'
  2. Cover items....
    when too large to move
  3. Water from fire attack ops. can.....
    leak through floors and damage floors below
  4. Overhauling roofs is...
    NOT a simple procedure
  5. Tools & equipment must...
    be cleaned and inspected after every use
  6. "shoulder Toss" method is...
    done by ONE firefighter
  7. How many types of valves are used to shut off sprinkler systems?
    Essentially TWO types
  8. Always take                 when going to shut off sprinkler systems?
    Bolt cutters
  9. Grommets are usually spaced how far apart?
    16" apart, same as studs in most buildings
  10. Doors and windows should be...
    secured w/ plywood
  11.              go through the chain of command
  12. How many firefighters are needed to roll a salvage cover?
  13. Shoulder toss method is done by how many firefighters and when?
    Done by ONE firefighter, to cover large unbreakable items
  14. One of the most common hazards of salvage work?
    Ceiling collapse
  15. The most common sprinkler stop?
    A sprinkler wedge
  16. When do you use a balloon toss?
    When objects to be covered are slightly taller than the firefighters
  17. what do you use when water volume is too great for a catch-all?
    water chute
  18. OS&Y
    Outside stem and yolk: located on exterior wall or just inside building. Screw is out= open, screw is in= closed
  19. PIV
    Post indicator Valve: located near sprinkler connection for building. Usually about 3' tall with window indicating "open" or "shut". Should be locked in open position
  20. Carry-All
    Approximately a 6' square piece of heavy canvas with rope strung through grommets for handles. Used to carry debris out of building once it is loaded. Used where wheelbarrows cannot fit.
  21. What tool do you use to find hotspots and hidden fires?
    TIC Thermal Imaging Camera
  22. Scene of an incident should be vistited...
    TWO times within 12 hours of incident termination
  23. When removing items...
    Get approval from fire investigators
  24. Floor runners are usually made of...
    light weight canvas type material
  25. Submersible pumps....
    can be dropped directly into water
  26. Salvage covers should be folded until          then             
    3' wide, rolled
  27. Basic goal of salvage ops.
    property conservation
  28. A flowing sprinkler head can displace O2 within....
    3-5' area surrounding the sprinkler head
  29. What is placed on top of salvage cover to indicate valuables underneath
    a glass piece
  30. What can be placed outside an opening to protect lawns and plants?
  31. What can tell you point of origin?
    Depth of char
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