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  1. Congressional Redistricting
    The reallocation of the number of representatives each state has in the house of Representatives. 
  2. Incumbent 
    An office holder who is seeking reelection. Incumbency is the single most important factor in determining the outocme of congressional elections. 
  3. Franking Privilege
    the right of members of congress to mail newsletters to their constituents at the governments expense.
  4. Standing committees
    permanent subject-matter congressional committees that hanle legislation and oversee the bureaucracy.
  5. conferecne committees 
    Temporary bodies that are formed to resolce differences betweeen House and Senate versions of a bill.
  6. house rules committee
    The house rules committee sets the guidelines for floor debate. It gives each bill a rule that places the bill on the legislative calendar, limits time for debate, and determines the type of amendments that will be allowed. 
  7. House ways and means committee
    house committee that handles  tax bills.
  8. Seniority 
    Unwritten rule in both hhouses fo Congress reserving committee chairs to members of the committee with the longest records of continuous service..
  9. Filibuster
    A way of delaying or preventing action on a bill by using long speeches and unlimited debate to "talk a bill to death"
  10. Cloture
    A senate motion to end a filibuster. Cloture requires a three-fifths vote. 
  11. Logrolling
     tactic of mutual aid and vote trading among legislators.
  12. ovesight
    Congressional review of the activites of an executive agency, department, or office. 
  13. Delegate role of Representation
    When members of Congress cast votes based on the wishes of their constituents.
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