Oral Pathology 2

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  1. carcinoma-
    malignant neoplasm of the epitheliumthat tends to invade surrounding bone and connective tissue.
  2. adenocarcinoma-
    malignant tumor that comes from the glands underlying the oral mucosa.
  3. sarcoma-
    malignant neoplasm that comes from supportive and connective tissue such as bone.
  4. Osteosarcoma-
    malignant tumor that involves the bone.
  5. Oral cancer warning signs-
    any lump or swelling on the neck, lips. dryness in the mouth, repeated bleeding in a specific area.
  6. Leukemia
    cancer of the blood-forming organs that is characterized by rapid growth of immature leukocytes.
  7. Xerostomia-
    Saliva can no longer be produced when radiation effects the salivary glands.
  8. Osteoradionecrosis-
    death of the bone.
  9. Lymphadenopathy-
    disease or swelling of the lymph nodes.
  10. Lymphoma-
    general term used to describe malignant disorders of the lymphoid tissue.
  11. Candidiasis-
    initial oral sign of progression from an HIV positive status to AIDS.
  12. Hairy Leukoplakia-
    positive for HIV, and can be an early sign of the change to AIDS status. It is a whihte plaque that is usually found on one side or sometimes on both sides on the lateral borders of the tongue.
  13. Kaposi's Sarcoma-
    Most oppurtunistic infections that occur in HIV patients.
  14. Herpes Simplex-
    usually occurs on the lip.
  15. Congenital disorders-
    present at birth, they can be inherited or developmental.
  16. Macrognathia-
    abnormally large jaws.
  17. Micrognathia-
    abnormally small jaws.
  18. Exotosis-
    benign bony growth that projects outward from the surface of the bone.
  19. cleft lip-
    when the maxillary and media nasal processes fail to fuse.
  20. cleft palate-
    palatal shelves fail to fuse with the primary palate
  21. cleft uvula-
    mildest form of cleft palate.
  22. Ankyloglossia
    (tongue tie) short lingual frenum that extends to the apex of the tongue.
  23. ameloblastoma-
    tumor composed of remnants of the dental lamina that failed to disintegrate after the tooth buds were formed.
  24. anodontia-
    congenital absence of teeth.
  25. supernumery teeth-
  26. Macrdontia-
    abnormally large teeth.
  27. Microdontia-
    abnormally small teeth.
  28. Dens in dente-
    tooth within a tooth.
  29. Natal teeth-
    teeth that are present at birth. erupt within the first 30 days of life.
  30. Ankylosis-
    deciduous teeth in which the bone has fused to cementum and dentin.
  31. abrasion-
    abnormal wearing away of tooth structure.
  32. attrition-
    normal wearing away of tooth structure.
  33. bruxism-
    grinding of teeth.
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