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  1. RNA?
    • ribonucleic acid 
    • relatively small compared to DNA
  2. DNA
    • deoxyribonucleic acid
    • Relatively big compared to RNA
  3. Nucleiottide Monomers?
    • -Provide acidic characters 
    • -Under intracellular conditions the phosphate group is negative
    • -Phosphate group linked by phosphodiester bond to a pentose sugar molecule
    • -Pentose is linked to a nitrogen and carbon containing ring structure referred to as a base 
  4. Whats the difference with DNA and RNA 
    RNA has a hydroxyl group on the 2' carbon when DNA has only a H
  5. Purines?
    Adenine and Guanine 
  6. Pyrimidines?
    • Uracil
    • Thymine 
    • Cytosine
  7. Nucleioside?
    Sugar and base without phosphate group 
  8. adenine
  9. cytosine
  10. guanine 
  11. thymine
  12. Uracil
  13. Amino acids are building blocks for...
  14. What determines the properties of an amino acid
    R group
  15. Which are two possible types of isomers 
    D and L isomers. L isomers dominate D isomers
  16. What are people doing with D isomers 
    Making pesticides and such with artificial polypeptides of D isomers because most organism dont know hoe to break them down. 
  17. Cysteine (cys or C)
    • Can form disulfide bonds with other cysteines
    • intra and inter-cross linking 
    • stabilizes folded structure 
  18. When you think rigid structure?
    Proline(Pro or P) and Glysine(Gly or G)

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