Vocabulary 09/24/2012

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  1. Fondly
    • fond·ly
    • Part of Speech: adverb
    • Own: in a fond manner or way
    • Dictionary: affectionately or lovingly
    • Antonym: hatefully
    • Synonym: devotedly; tenderly

    I look back on my childhood memories, fondly.
  2. Fleeting
    • fleet·ing
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: disappearing quickly
    • Dictionary: passing swiftly; transitory
    • Antonym: constant; lasting
    • Synonym: vanishing; sudden

    The mouse was seen fleeting from the cheese.
  3. Devote
    • de·vote
    • Part of Speech: verb
    • Own: to dedicate or set apart time
    • Dictionary: to give up or concentrate on a purpose
    • Antonym: misuse; waste
    • Synonym: assign; reserve

    I devote a certain time for homework everyday.
  4. Hoarse
    • hoarse
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: harsh sound; rough
    • Dictionary: having a raspy voice; making a harsh, low sound
    • Antonym: smooth; soothing
    • Synonym: croaky; throaty

    I sang so much, my voice went hoarse.
  5. Magnificent
    • mag·nif·i·cent
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: an incredible show; superb
    • Dictionary: a majestic appearance or show; noble
    • Antonym: offensive; poor
    • Synonym: radiant, luxurious

    The play was so magnificent, I actually cried.
  6. Immense
    • im·mense
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: extremely large; humongous
    • Dictionary: very great or immeasurable
    • Antonym: miniature; teeny
    • Synonym: colossal; monstrous

    I had an immeasurable headache that not even a nap would help.
  7. Formal
    • for·mal
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: to dress correctly for the occasion
    • Dictionary: according to custom; dress suitably
    • Antonym: disorderly; informal
    • Synonym: official; precise

    The host at the party was less formal than expected.
  8. Rapid
    • rap·id
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: moving with great speed
    • Dictionary: occurring with unusual speed; swift
    • Antonym: leisurely; slack
    • Synonym: accelerated; hurried

    The flow of the water could only be described as rapid.
  9. Physical Change
    • Phys·i·cal Change
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: 
    • Dictionary: a change in which the form or shape of a substance changes but the substance still has the same chemical make-up.
    • Antonym: chemical change
    • Synonym: tangible; material

    Ice melting is a physical change.
  10. Chemical Change
    • Chem·i·cal Change
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: 
    • Dictionary: a change in one or more substances caused by a reaction, that form new and different substances.
    • Antonym: physical change
    • Synonym: synthetic

    The mixture of two hydrogen and one oxygen to create water is a chemical change.
  11. Mixture
    • mix·ture
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: 
    • Dictionary: a combination of two or more different substances in which the substances keep their identities.
    • Antonym: separation; natural element
    • Synonym: fusion; mishmash

    The mixture between the Mentos and Coca-Cola created an explosion.
  12. Solution
    • so·lu·tion
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: 
    • Dictionary: a mixture that has the same composition throughout because all the parts are mixed evenly
    • Antonym: doubt; quandry 
    • Synonym: answer; resolution

    A solution is not the same as a mixture.
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