Chap. 1 Vocab

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  1. 강요하다
    to force, demand by force
  2. 객관성
  3. 거울
  4. 경적
    car horn
  5. 계층
    social class
  6. 고급
    high-class, high quality
  7. 곤란하다
    to be difficult, troublesome
  8. 구별; 구별하다
    distinction, discrimination; to distinguish, discriminate
  9. 깍쟁이
    shrewd person; miser
  10. 깨닫다
    to realize, understand
  11. 꼬집다
    to pinch; to criticize sarcastically
  12. 다수
  13. 단연
    definitely, without hesitation; by far
  14. 단점; 장점
    weak point, drawback; positive, advantage
  15. 당시 
    at that time
  16. 대걸래 
  17. 두루마리; 휴지, 화장지 
    roll of toilet paper; scroll
  18. 뒤집다
    to turn over, reverse
  19. 따지다
    to call a matter into question; to distinguish between right and wrong, calculate, judge
  20. 똑똑하다
    to be smart, bright
  21. 뛰어나다
    to be outstanding, be superior 
  22. 리얼하다
    to be real, vivid
  23. 모습
    state, condition, aspect, appearance
  24. 묘사하다
    to describe, draw
  25. 문득=문뜩; 문뜩문뜩
    suddenly, unexpectedly; at times, hauntingly
  26. 미군 
    U.S. Army
  27.  바라보다
    to look at, gaze at (as if from afar)
  28. 받아들이다
    to accept
  29. 반견하다
    to discover
  30. 배속
    assignment, attachment
  31. 번데기 
    silkworm; pupa, chrysalis
  32. 병사
    soldier, enlisted man
  33. 보신통
    dog-meat soup
  34. 부딪치다
    to bump into, strike, hit, knock
  35. 비춰 보다
    to reflect in a mirror
  36. 비하
    abasement, belittlement, disparagement, humility 
  37. 빨다
    to wash, launder (clothes)
  38. 새끼
    young animal, baby; fellow, guy, brat 
  39. 설득하다
    to persuade 
  40. 소주
    alcohol, Korean vodka
  41. 습정
    habit, habitude 
  42. 시각 
    point of view, perspective, viewpoint
  43. 시선; 시선을 모으다; 시선을 피하다
    one's gaze, one's eyes; to attract public gaze; to avoid a person's gaze
  44. 시원하다
    to be cool and refreshing (most humorously used when talking about someone you don't like)
  45. 아이고 (아이구)
    Oops, OMG
  46. 악수
  47. 양변기 
    toilet bowl
  48. 양복
    Western suit
  49. 얼큰하다 
    to be hot, spicy
  50. 역설 
    paradox, paradoxically
  51. 오라이
    Japanese pronunciation of "all right"
  52. 오징어
  53. 외눈박이
    one-eyed person
  54. 외치다
    to shout out, exclaim
  55. 욕하다
    to curse, swear, abuse, insult
  56. 융통성 
    adaptability, flexibility
  57. 은근히 
    secretly, privately, inwardly, not overtly
  58. 의견
    opinion, view
  59. 의식하다 
    to be conscious of, be aware of
  60. 이방인
    alien, stranger
  61. 익숙해지다
    to become adjusted to something
  62. 적응하다
    to be fit for, adapted to, suited to
  63. 전반적; 전반적으로
    general, overall; generally
  64. 전파하다 
    to circulate, transmit
  65. 절반
  66.  장상
    normal; normality
  67. 정서 
    sentiments, emotions, feelings; mood, atmosphere
  68. 주차
  69. 주한
    Expat based in Korea
  70. 지국장
    head manager of a branch office
  71. 지적하다
    to point out, indicate
  72. 짚어내다
    to pickout, point out, describe
  73. 창안자
    inventor, originator
  74. 철자
  75. 체류; 체류하다; 체류비; 체류 기간
    stay, visit; to stay, visit; travel expenses during stay; length of stay
  76. 추임새
    sound of encouragement made by accompanist or audience during a performance of pansori
  77. 충고; 충고하다
    advice; to advise 
  78. 카아
    phew, onomatopoeic sound after taking a shot
  79. 토론회 
    forum, debate
  80. 특정
    specific; special, particular
  81. 특징
    characteristic; distinctive feature
  82. 편; 상대 편 
    side; the opposite party
  83. 편안하다
    to be comfortable
  84. 표지판
  85. 픙자
  86. 크기
    size, volume
  87. 확산되다
    to be diffused, dispersed, expanded
  88. 한일 관계
    Korea-Japan relation
  89. 황당하다
    to be baffled, puzzled, absurd, preposterous 
  90. soil, earth
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