A Fairytale Adventure lines

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  1. First line.
    Fairies: Is it true? Is it true? Does anyone know if it's true? ... She's coming...
  2. Witch: Put up this sign meet outside the Witch's house in five minutes.
    Fairy 1: Our Queen, our poor Queen.
  3. Fairy 3: We have to stay and spy.
    Fairy 1: Quick, get back!
  4. Fairy 3: Yeah!/Whimpers.
    Fairies 1 and 2: Ssh.
  5. Witch: Smarty, follow me.
    Fairy 1: We need to warn our Queen.
  6. Queen: I expect your wondering why I'm so magical! It's practice. Lots and lots of hard work.
    Fairy 1: It's terrible, Your Majesty.
  7. Fairy 3: Because you're so magical.
    Fairy 1: We heard her. We were hiding and listening.
  8. Queen: Then I'll cast my magic to change them back.
    Fairy 1: But she wants to kidnap you.
  9. Fairy 2: The Treacherous Trees are spying on them, look.
    Fairy 1: Why's Hansel scattering breadcrumbs?
  10. Fairy 2: I don't like Gretel.
    Fairy 1: Me neither.
  11. Queen: Fairy Land is a very safe place. BUT, if you break a Fairy Rule... We will be open to the power of the Wicked Witch... There are two rules in Fairy Land.
    Fairy 1: Nap at half past two.
  12. Fairy 2: And if someone stole from you...
    • Fairy 1: They were not asleep.
    • All Fairies: Both rules were broken.
  13. Paddy: It was.. Her!
    All Fairies: Gretel! How could you?
  14. Queen: The witch's force is too strong! With a flick of the wand I hereby cancel, Any magic the Witch could use on Hansel.
    • All Fairies: Our Queen is kidnapped.
    • Fairy 1: Hansel, go. Save our Fairy Queen.
  15. Paddy: Cheerios, Fairies.
    Fairy 1: Hansel doesn't know the way.
  16. Fairy 2: What can we do?
    Fairy 1: With the magic we do know.. We could put a Fairy Tale Character at each crossroads.
  17. Hansel: Which way then?
    All Fairies: Fairies never tell, Fairies never tell.
  18. Hansel: Well is there someone who can tell us the then?
    Fairy 1: Somebody is waiting.
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