OTC Humanities 101

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  1. List 5 disiplines of the humanities.
    • 1. Art
    • 2. Literature
    • 3. Music
    • 4. Theatre
    • 5. Musical Theatre¬†
  2. True or False
    Dionysian responses are emotional.
  3. True or False
    Apollonian Responses are analytical.
  4. List 5 Archetypes in Mythology.
    • 1. Hero
    • 2. Journey
    • 3. Circle
    • 4. Garden
    • 5. Supernatural
  5. True of False
    A professional Critic does not affect the public.
  6. True or False
    Imagery is the use of a photo.
  7. Short Answer
    What is the difference between literal and figrative?
    Listeral is to describe something exaactly as it is, while figurative uses language to project imagery. 
  8. Short Answer
    What is the Collective Unconscious?
    The Collective Unconscious is the understanding of events or situations amongst people around the world.
  9. Name two purposes of a Myth.
    • 1. Religious
    • 2. Warning
  10. Define
    • 1. Collective myths of a specific culture or groups of cultures
    • 2. Organized study of myths of specific or world cultures
  11. Define
    Emotional; Spontaneous
  12. Define
    The study of rules and principles of art soncerend with the concepts
  13. Define
    Once limited to "the best products of the best minds" narrowly defined as Greek or Roman, but later expanded to include Western European achivements and, more recently, the creative expressions of men and women around the world.
  14. Define
    Renaissance Man
    Label often applied to Leonardo da' Vinci, Indicating his display of geniusin many different areas of study from art to science; now used as a high praise for anyone who has earned a reputation for high achievements in several fields (eg. Albert Einstein)
  15. Who was
    Carl Jung
    He founded analytical psychology; developed concepts of extraverted and introverted personallity, archetypes, and the Collective Unsoncious.
  16. Define
    Collective Unconscious
    Collects and organizes experiences in a semilar way with each species
  17. Define
    Iconic Beauty
    Varies over time, from culture to culture
  18. List five Gifts of Humanities
    • 1. Beauty - Icon
    • 2. Language
    • 3. Ideas
    • 4. Beautiful Movement
    • 5. Deeper sense of Past (and Self)
  19. Define
    Pleasing arrangement of parts that affect aestheically.
  20. Define
    Discipline (in humanities)
    A given art form-literature, visual art, music, drama, dance, and cinema-as well as a field of acedemic study (such as "literary theory" or "historic dance").
  21. Define
    Movement begun in the early Renaissance that extrolled and studied the creative and intellectual legacies of Greece and Rome, leading to the conviction that only through such could one become fully human; a term that is now expanded to include the study of contributions from all cultures.
  22. The first major novel of the Western World was...
    Don Quixote
  23. William Blake's poems, 'The Lamb' and 'The Tiger' represent what two things?
    • 1. Innocence
    • 2. Experience
  24. Homer's 'Illiad' is a\an _____. It depicts life is not a struggle between _____.
    • epic
    • good and evil.
  25. What is the purpose of a poem?
  26. List three elements of a sonnet.
    • 1. 14 lines
    • 2.¬†
    • 3.
  27. Define
    Balnk Verse
    Poems that do bnot rhyme
  28. A Haiku is a poem with how man syllables, lines and a syllabic pattern of ...
    • 17 syllables
    • 3 lines
    • 5,7,5
  29. The Harlem Renaissance resulted in\from (list three things)
    • 1. Jim Crow
    • 2. Migration of Blacks to "The North"
    • 3. Segregation
  30. List forms of literature..
    • 1. Novel
    • 2. Novella
    • 3. Poem
    • 4. Short story
    • 5. Magazine fiction
    • 6. Sonnet
  31. Name the poet associated with nursery rhymes as a simple form of profound meanings.
    William Blake
  32. Name the female poet associated with pre-modernism and her reclusive lifestyle.
    Emily Dickenson
  33. Define
    A sudden insight into meaning
  34. Give an example of religious poetry.
  35. Define
    Iambic Pantameter
    Stressed and unstressed beats
  36. 'Illiad' is attributed to what author?
  37. Who is the author of ' Sonnet XXIX'
    William Shakespeare
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