Peter the Great

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  1. What are the two most reoccuring themes in Russian history
    concept of empire and how it's been approached by leaders
  2. who signifies the begining of the first russian empire
    peter the great
  3. what values are associated with liberalism
    egalitarism, individualism, melorism, and universalism
  4. what was peter the greats fathers name? what were his fathers wives named?
    Alexi; Mary and Natalie
  5. Natalie was the mother to which children? and of Mary
    natalie was motehr to peter. may to ivan and sophia
  6. who was made regent of Russia because of peter and ivans youth
  7. define sterltsy
    military group formed by Ivan teh Terrible to hold the old beliefs.
  8. What was the deal between sophia and peter
    Sophia wanted to keep peter from the throne, she hired the Sterltsy to violently support her. But because of peters military support he was able to exile her 
  9. Sophia was accredited with creating Russia's first institution of ___________
    Higher education
  10. What positions did peter hold in the navy and army
    general and admiral
  11. peter was the first tsar to subject hiself to what
    being a tsar of the state
  12. who did peter make the military pledge too
    to the state and not the tsar
  13. which group was force into complusory education by peter
    the nobals and govt. officials
  14. how were advisors selected under peter the great
    by skill set and not class
  15. why did peter engage in war with the turks
    for acess to the black sea
  16. where was the first russian naval base established
    capture of azov capped a sucessful russian blockade. they then established a naval base there
  17. what trades did peter learn in holland
    shipmaking, dentistry, and entomology
  18. what did peter learn in england
    studied ship yards and city planning
  19. orthodox beards were considered a sign of what
    respect and piety
  20. which calander was adopted under peters rule
    the julian over the old creationist orthodox
  21. which countires were at war during the great nothern war
    russia w/ blatic and scandanavian regimes vs sweden
  22. durign the great nothern war, russia suffered defeat at _____
    the battle of narva
  23. st. petersburg was foudned where
    in a swamp of old swedish territory
  24. in which battle were the swedish defeated
    battle of poltava
  25. why did russia enter the great northern war
    over access to baltic coastline
  26. what treaty ended the great northern war
    treaty of nystadt
  27. what were the terms of the treay of nystadt
    russia ceced finland, paid 2 million in swedish monies, and recieved LIKE. Livonia, Ingria, Karelia, and Estonia
  28. what was general conscription
    gentry were forced into army and everyone else into a lottery
  29. who were exempt from the russian draft
    civil workers, disabled, clergy and merchants
  30. what was peters most controversal reform
    following the death of a patriarch who disagreed with peter, he refused to replace him with a new patriarch. allowing locals to run it
  31. what was the Holy Synod 
    religous leaders lead by a secular figure. made to replace the position of the patriarch
  32. what was teh churchs new position under peter the great
    becacuse he limited the power and ability to gain land, the were forced to support education
  33. what is the 'head tax'
    a tax paid by all russians except the mercahnts and gentry
  34. why did peter eliminate the distinction between serfs and slaves
    to increase tax revenue
  35. what was the Table of Ranks
    a system were workers established position based on merit and not class
  36. what is Dual Culture
    void between those of western education and traditional peasants. linked to the class division of later russia
  37. who was peters only son
  38. 7 facts about peters son Alexi
    • 1. Only son
    • 2. Disliked his fathers work
    • 3. Gave up birthrite to thrown
    • 4. Fled to Austria
    • 5. Returns to Russia
    • 6. Plotted to overthrow Peter
    • 7. Died in Jail
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