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  1. Octavian
    Augustus "Revered": the name Octavian received from the senate when he became an emperor. 
  2. Pax Romana, 30 B.C. ~ A.D. 180
    Peace Roman
  3. The Late Republic
    The peak of Roman culture
  4. Cicero
    the towering literary figure of the Last Republic; influenced through Middle age and Renaissance.
  5. Lucretius, "On the Nature of the World"
    A poet, set forth the scientific and philosophical ideas of Epicurus and Democratic with the zeal of a missionary trying to save society from fear.
  6. Vergil
    the author of Aeneid: an epic that placed the history of Rome in the great tradition of the Greeks and Trojans war; honors Augustus
  7. Horace
    the author of Odes; best revealed his great kills as lyric poem. Also glorified Augustus' order and the emire.
  8. Livy: History of Rome
    descirbed the period between origin of Rome and 9th B.C. glorified Rome's greatness and set up historical models as examples of good and bad behavior.
  9. The Julio-Claudian Dynasty
    Augustus-> Tubericus-> Caligula-> Claudius-> Nero
  10. The Flavian Dynasty
    • calmed the chaos of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty; a new dynasty.
    • Vespasian-> Titus-> Domitian
  11. The "Good Emperors"
    referring the following 5 great emperors after the Flavian Dynasty: Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcis Aurelius
  12. Colosseum
    Architectural building built by the Flavian Dynasty; used  for watching gladiators and persecuting Christians  
  13. Circus Maximu
    a stadium, one of the earliest as well as the largest and ost famous, for entertainments.
  14. Eucharist(Thanksgiving)
    Celebration of the Lord's supper in which bread and wine were blessed and consumed
  15. Persecution of Christians
    • Because..
    • Christians were ardent missionaries
    • Christians had a network of communities throughout the empire
    • Christians were secretive about their beliefs and practices
  16. catholic(Universal)
    as an "universal" majority of Christians.
  17. Orthodox("Correct")
    as in "correct" faith in Christianity
  18. heretics
    "Takers" of contrary positions, namely in Christianity.
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