Ellen - Facial Bones

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  1. Image Upload 1
    • A. Maxilarry Sinuses
    • B. Frontal Process
    • C. Zygomatic Process
    • D. Alveolar Process.
  2. Label
    Image Upload 2
    • A. Ptgerygoid Hamulus of sphenoid
    • B. Right Palatine Process of right maxilla
    • C. Left palaatine process of left maxilla.
    • D. Palatine Bones
  3. Image Upload 3
    Know This
  4. Image Upload 4
    • A. Palatine process of maxilla
    • B. Inferior nasal conchae
    • C. Middle nasal conchae
    • D. Superior nasal Conchae
    • E. Crista galli
    • F. Cribiform Plate
    • G. Sphenoid Bone
    • H. Vertical portion of Palatine
    • I. Horizontal portion of palatine
  5. Label:
    Image Upload 5
    • A. Superior and middle Nasal Conchae
    • B. Inferior Nasal Conchae
  6. For a lateral facial bone, whats the difference between erect and recumbent positions?
    For erect, you can see air/fluid levels. Its also easier for hypersthenic patients.

    Recumbent is usually used for trauma.
  7. Where is the Central Ray on a Lateral Facial Bone?
    • CR is centered at the zgoma.
    • Image Upload 6
  8. For a waters view, how do you position it?
    Image Upload 7
  9. How do you position for a Erect Waters?
    Image Upload 8
  10. What do you see in a PA waters?
    You see he petrous ridges below the maxillary sinuses.
  11. How do you do a modified waters?
    • - You place LML perpendicular to the IR.
    • - OML should be at 55 degree angle to IR.
    • - CR exits at acanthion.
    • Image Upload 9
  12. For a lateral nasal bone view, what line are you aiming to make perpendicular to IR?
    Interpupilary line
  13. How do you do a Lateral Nasal Bone view? Where is the CR?
    • CR is centered 1/2 inch inferior to nasion.
    • Image Upload 10
  14. How do you do the SMV Zygomatic Arch view?
    Image Upload 11
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