Papermaking Terms

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  1. What is the term for paper free from any acid content or other
    substances likely to have a detrimental effect on the paper?
  2. What is the term for the device introduced mid seventeenth century which superseded the method of preparing pulp
    by hammering or stamping the rags?
    Beater or Hollander
  3. What is the process of reducing raw materials to a fibrous state in the production of pulp?
  4. In a stamper it is a flat plate of iron in the
    bottom of the trough against which rags are pounded. In a Hollander it has ridges or knives and acts with the beater roll. What is this?
  5. What is the process of pressing to smooth or glaze a sheet
    of paper during the finishing process called?
  6. What is the basic substance of paper manufacture derived from
    plant tissues called?
  7. This is a source of fiber for papermaking, usually in the form of linters or rags. The fibers are strong and flexible and suited to the production of fine papers. What is it?
  8. This is the action of transferring sheets of newly formed
    paper from hand moulds to felt blankets.
    Couch or Couching
  9. On a hand mould is the removable frame which retains the pulp on the cover while the water drains through. On a Fourdrinier
    machine, the deckle strap performs the same function on the moving wire. What is it?
  10. What is the term for a slightly wavy line to the edge of handmade paper, formed by a slight thinning of the edge of the sheet by pulp creeping under the edge of the deckle during forming of the sheet?
    Deckle Edge
  11. A material woven from either cotton or wool with a raised surface which supports the wet sheet of paper during the stages of removal of water.
  12. What is the term used for the action of making a sheet of paper by dipping the mould into a vat of pulp, the water drains through the cover leaving the pulp on the surface?
  13. This name applied to the paper machine after the Fourdrinier brothers who financed its early development. It produces a
    continuous web of paper and was developed by Bryan Donkin from the original invention of Nicholas-Louis Robert.
  14. What is the term used to describe the alignment of fibers in a sheet of paper caused by the flow of the web of wet paper in cylinder or Fourdrinier machines?
  15. What is the term used to describe partially broken or beaten fibers for
    Half Stuff
  16. What is the term for the unwanted part of woody plants which can cause degradation later in the life of the paper?
  17. This rectangular wooden frame covered with either a
    laid or wove wire surface used for forming sheets of paper by hand. What is it called?
  18. This is the name for paper used for printing newspapers, the cheapest type made. What is it called?
  19. What is the term applied to a pile of sheets, normally 144 but varying in number, of wet pulp, fresh from the mould, just made into paper couched with alternate felts and ready for pressing?
  20. What is the aqueous stuff containing disintegrated cellulose
    fiber from which paper is made called?
  21. Formerly the principal raw material for making
    paper, now rarely used except for very high quality papers. Could be linen or cotton but by association also includes jute, sailcloth and hemp ropes. What is it?
  22. The term used for the sideways movement of a hand mould by the vat man or the wire of a paper machine to interlock the fibers whilst still suspended in the pulp.
  23. Originally a solution of glue or gelatin but later any substance that reduces the rate at which paper absorbs water or ink.
    Can be applied by coating the finished sheet or by addition to the pulp before forming. What is this solution called?
  24. The process of treating the paper with size is called what?
  25. Originally the tank containing the stuff from which hand made paper was produced but later also applied to the tank in which
    the cylinder of a mould machine is partially immersed. What is it?
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