Chapter 19: The State Constitution

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  1. the idea that power granted in state constitutions rests with the people.
    Popular Sovereighty
  2. the principle that state constitutions are contracts between the citizens and the government and place limitations on the power of government.
    Contract Theory of State Constitutions
  3. contracts between the citizens and the government that limit the power of government.
  4. the method of limiting government by confining its scope of authority to those powers expressly granted in the constitution.
    Grants of Power
  5. a constitutional means of limiting power by listing those powers that government is expressly prohibited from using.
    Denials of Power
  6. a government whose powers are restricted by a law or a written constitution.
    Limited Government
  7. the division of the powers of government among seperate institutions of branches.
    Seperation of Powers
  8. a list of individual rights and freedoms granted to citizens within the state constitution.
    Bill of Rights
  9. a clause that makes a state constitution superior to state and local laws.
    Supremacy Clause
  10. tax money dedicated to a specific expenditure.
    Earmarked Taxes
  11. a process that allows citizens to propose changes to the state constitution through the use of petitions signed by registered voters. Texas does not have these procedures at the state level.
  12. an assembly of citizens who may propose to voters changes to the state constitution for voter approval.
    Constitutional Convention
  13. a description of a proposed amendment as it appears on the ballot, which can be noninstructive and misleading to voters.
    Ballot Wording
  14. an example of how special intrests are protected within the state constitution.
    Permanent University Fund (PUF)
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