Vocab Chpt. 2

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  1. Andrew Jackson 
    military hero, became a symbol of expanding American democracy.
  2. Jacksonian Democracy
    Jackson rose at a time when national politics was becoming increasingly democratic.
  3. Spoils system
    the use of political jobs to reward party loyalty
  4. indian removal act
    law sought to negotiate the peaceful exchange of indian lands
  5. trail of tears
    Cherokees died of disease exposure and hunger
  6. john c. Calhoun
    Jacksons vice president
  7. Nullification
    the concept that the states could nullify or void any federal law they deemed unconstitution.
  8. panic of 1837
    the nations worst economic depression to that time
  9. second great awakening 
    a powerful religious movement
  10. charles grandison finney
    one of the most influential revivalist
  11. joseph smith
    mormon prophet
  12. dorthea dix
    one reformer who turned her religious ideals into actions
  13. temperance movement
    the campaign to curb alcohol use
  14. public school
    improvement of education
  15. horac mann
    most influential leader of the public school movement
  16. nat turner
    leader of the slave revolt
  17. underground railroad
    helped slaves escape from freedom
  18. harriet tubman
    lady who escaped slavery
  19. william lloyd garrison
    most influential abolitionist
  20. fredrick douglas
    most eloquent voice against slavery
  21. angelina and sarah grimke
    daughters of southern slave holder
  22. henry david thoreau
    writer and philospher
  23. civil disobedience
    the right of individuals to refuse to obey laws that they feel are unjust
  24. sojouner truth
    one of the most effective abolitionist lectures
  25. lucretia mott
    helped find the American anti-slavery society
  26. elizabeth cady stanton
    married to a leading abolitionist
  27. seneca falls convention
    meeting attracted hundreds of men and women
  28. declaration of sentiments
    modeled after the language of peclaration of independence
  29. womens rights movement
    the campaign for equal rights of women
  30. susan B anthony
    worked for greater rights for women
  31. suffrage
    the right to vote
  32. Expansionist
    americans who favored territorial growth
  33. manifest destiny
  34. oregon trail
    a variant of this trail turned northwest at south pass to reach oregon
  35. alamo
    a former mission in san antonio
  36. james k. Polk
    a democrat from Tennessee
  37. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    mexicans made peace
  38. gadsden purchase
    U.S. obtained another 29,640 square miles from mexico
  39. California Gold Rush
    80,000 Americans were headed fro california in a mass migration.
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