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  1. 31. canonical (adj.)
    conforming to a general rule; orthodox; included in the canon of the Bible
  2. 32. castigate (verb)
    to punsih, reprove, or crticize severely
  3. 33. cavalier (adj. & n)
    debonair; given to offhand dismissal of important matters; disdainful; showing disregard
  4. 34. circuitous (adj.)
    indirect; roundabout
  5. 35. clement (adj.)
    inclined to be merciful; lenient; mild
  6. 36. compunctious (adj.)
    remorseful; penitent; anxiety arising from guilt
  7. 37. condescending (adj.)
    assuming in air of superiority; stooping; patronizing
  8. 38. convoluted (adj.)
    folded in torturous curves or windings; complicated or intricate involved
  9. 39. corporeal (adj.)
    of or relating to the physical body; material; substantial; tangible
  10. 40. crassness (n)
    grossness; insensitivity; stupidity
  11. 41. craven (adj. & n)
    lacking courage; cowardly
  12. 42. culpability (n)
    meriting condemnation or blame
  13. 43. daunting (adj.)
    to lessen the courage of; intimidate; dismay
  14. 44. decorum (n)
    propriety and good taste in conduct or appearance
  15. 45. decrepit (adj.)
    wasted and weakened by the infirmities of old age; run-down
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