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  1. Number of Days Sales in Inventory
    360 / Average Inventory
  2. Debt to Total Assets Ratio
    Total Debt / Total Assets
  3. Debt to Equity Ratio
    Total Debt / Total Stockholder's Equity
  4. Times Interest Earned Ratio
    Net Income b/4 taxes + interest expense / interest expense
  5. Gross Margin Ratio
    Gross Margin / Net Sales Revenue
  6. Profit Margin Ratio
    Net Income / Net Sales
  7. Asset Turnover
    Net Sales Revenue / Average Total Assets
  8. Return on Assets Ratio
    Net Income / Average Total Assets
  9. Return on Equity Ratio
    Net Income - Preferred Dividends / Average Common Equity
  10. Price-Earnings Ratio
    Price Market of Stock / Earnings per share
  11. Dividend Yield Ratio
    Dividend per common share / Earnings per Share
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bec ratio ninja
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