Physiology Exam 1

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  1. what is learning?
    • acquisition of information or skills, as consequence of experience that results in change in behavior.
    • (consequence of experience and change in behavior)
  2. What are the two types of learning?
    • Associative
    • Non-associative
  3. Associative learning
    • making connection between 2 or more stimuli
    • Ex: mnemonic learning technique
  4. Non associative learning
    repetition of a stimulus
  5. What is memory?
    • the capacity to retain and recall past experience
    • Declarative and Procedural memory
  6. Declarative memory
    • explicit
    • memory of events that can be put into words.
    • ex: your friend telling you a story of the other day
    • easy to speak about
  7. Procedural memory
    • implicit
    • memory of how to do things
    • Ex: describe how to ride a bike extremely difficult to explain to someone who doesnt know how
    • difficult to speak about
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