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  2. "Aphemia (Broca's Aphasia)"
    "The deficit suffered by individuals who as a result of a left hemisphere frontal lobe lesion
  3. "Auras"
    "A perceptual experience that many epileptics experience
  4. "Cardiocentric Hypothesis
    "The hypothesis that the heart was the center for cognitive and emotional function
  5. "Cephalocentric Hypothesis
    "The hypothesis that the brain is the center for behavior.
  6. "Cerebrospinal Fluid
    "Fluid in the brain the supports
  7. "Clinical Neuropsycholgy
    "A speciality area of neuropsychology that is concerned with the diagnosis
  8. "Cytoarchitecture
    "Typical physical features of the neurons that reside in different regions of the brain.
  9. "Dualism
    "Originally proposed by Descartes
  10. "Engram
    "A hypothetical change in the brain that is responsible for storing memories that posited by Karl Lashley
  11. "Law of Equipotentiality
    "Proposal the the cortex functions as a whole
  12. "Experimental Neuropsychology
    "A speciality area of neuropsychology that is concerned with understanding how the brain produces behavior in both neurological intact and damaged individuals.
  13. "Functional Neuroimaging
    "Techniques that provide three-dimensional representations of brain metabolism (such as oxygen or glucose use) while the person is performing various mental tasks. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) are two such functional imaging techniques.
  14. "Golgi Stain
  15. "
    "A stain developed by histologist Camillo Golgi that stains the entire neuron
  16. "
  17. "Histology
  18. "
    "Examination of thin
  19. "
  20. "Law of Mass Action
  21. "
    "The proposal that the degree of deficit is directly relate to the proportion of brain that has been lesioned.
  22. "
  23. "Lesioning
  24. "
    "The process by which brain tissue is experimentally damaged or removed.
  25. "
  26. "Leucotomy
  27. "
    "The procedure pioneered by Moniz in which the thalamus is disconnected from the frontal lobe with a special knife
  28. "
  29. "Monism
  30. "
    "The idea that the mind and body are the same thing a position that most neuropsychologists take.
  31. "
  32. "Neuron Doctrine
  33. "
    "A proposal by Spanish histologist and artist Santiago Ramon y Cajal that neurons were not continuous and that they must communicate by contact.
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  35. "Neuropsychology
  36. "
    "The study of the relationship between behaviour and activity of the brain.
  37. "
  38. "Nissl Stain
  39. "
    "A stain developed by German neurologist Franz Nissl that distinguishes neurons from other cells in the brain by staining the central portions of neurons (cell body) wherever it is applied.
  40. "
  41. "


    "The pseudo-scientific practice of inferring personality and other traits from bumps on the skull."
  42. "

    Postcentral Gyrus of the Parietal Lobe


    Somatosensory cortex; an area of the brain that

  43. "

    Prefrontal Lobotomy


    A technique

  44. "
  45. "Prosody"

    The emotional tone of speech.

  46. "Psychology
  47. "
    "The study of the attempt to describe explain
  48. "
  49. "Somatosensory Humunculus
  50. "
    "A sensory and motor map of the surface of the human brain.
  51. "
  52. "Synapse
  53. "
    "The term coined by Sherrington to describe the gap between neurons.
  54. "
  55. "Trephination
  56. "
    "Surgically opening the skull as a means of treatment. Mostly used by ancient cultures although it still has somewhat of a use today.
  57. "
  58. "Wernicke's Aphasia
  59. "
    "Aphasia caused by lesions in the left temporal lobes that results in the ability to produce speech but not to use the words correctly or to understand the speech of others.
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