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  1. Ethics
    moral principles and values that govern the actions and decisions of an individual or group
  2. Laws
    society's values and standards taht are enforceable in the courts
  3. Societal Cultures and Norms

    set of values, ideas, and attitudes that are learned and shared among members of a group
  4. Business Culture
    Comprise the effective rules of the game, the boundaries b/w competitive & unethical behavior
  5. Ethics of Exchange
    Ethical exchange b/w buyers and sellers should result in both parties being better off after a transaction
  6. Consumer Bill of Rights
    Codified ethics of exchange b/w buyers and sellers, including rights to be informed, to safety, to choose, & to be heard
  7. Consumer Bill of Rights

    The right to safety
    manifests itself in industry & federal safety standards for most products sold in the U.S.
  8. Consumer Bill of Rights

    The right to be informed
    the marketplace have an obligation to give consumers complete and accurate information about products and services
  9. Consumer Bill of Rights

    The right to choose

    Slotting allowance
    form of cash or free goods, to stock new products
  10. Consumer Bill of Rights

    The right to be heard
    Consumers should have access to public-policy makers regarding complaints about products and services
  11. Ethics of Competition

    Economic espionage
    clandenstine collection of trade secrets or properietary information about a company's competitor
  12. Ethics of Competition

    bribes and kickbacks are often disguised as gifts, consultant fees, and favors
  13. Corporate Culture
    set of values, ideas, and attitudes that is learned and shared among the members of an organization
  14. Code of Ethics
    Formal statement of ethical principles and rules of conduct
  15. Ethical Behavior of Top Management and Co-Workers

    employees who report an employer's unethical or illegal actions
  16. Moral Idealism
    personal moral philosophy that consider certain individual rights or duties as universal, regardless of outcome
  17. Utilitarianism
    Personal moral philosophy that focuses on the greater good for the greatest number by assessing the costs and benefits of the consequences of ethical behavior
  18. Three Concepts of Social Responsibility

    Profit Responsibility
    companies have a simple duty: maximize profits for their owners or stakeholders
  19. Three Concepts of Social Responsibility

    Stakeholder Responsibility
    focuses on the obligation an organization has to those who can affect achievement of its objectives
  20. Three Concepts of Social Responsibility

    Societal Responsibility
    Obligations that organizations have to ther perservation of the ecological environment and to the general public
  21. Societal Responsibility

    triple-bottom line
    recognition of the need for organizations to improve the state of people, the planet, and profit simulteaneously if they are to achieve sustainable, long-term growth
  22. Social Audit
    Systematic assessment of a firm's objectives, strategies, and performance in terms of social responsilities
  23. Sustainable Development
    involves conducting business in a way that protects the natural environment while making economic progress
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