Heat Transfer Ch. 1

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  1. What is heat transfer?
    The thermal energy in transit due to a spatial temperature difference.
  2. What is conduction?
    When a temperature gradient exists in a stationary medium, which may be a solid or a fluid, we use the term to refer to the heat transfer that will occur across the medium.
  3. When must heat transfer occur?
    Whenever a temperature differnce exists in a medium or between media.
  4. What is convection?
    Heat transfer that will occur between a surface and a moving fluid when they are at different temperatures.
  5. What is radiation?
    Energy emitted by matter that is at a nonzero temperature.
  6. What are rate equations used for?
    To compute the amount of energy being transferred per unit time.
  7. What is Fourier's law (one dimensional)?
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  8. What is q" a symbol for?
    Heat flux. The units are (W/m2)
  9. What is k a symbol for?
    Thermal conductivity. Units are (W/m *K)
  10. What mode uses Fourier's law?
  11. What is Newton's Law of Cooling?
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  12. What does the parameter h symbolize?
    Convection heat transfer coefficient. The units are (W/m2*K)
  13. What mode uses Newton's Law of Cooling?
  14. What is the Stephen-Boltzmann law?
    Image Upload   where Ts is the absolute temperature (K) of the surface and sigma is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant 5.67*10^-8 (W/m2*K4)
  15. What does E symbolize?
    The surface emissive power: the rate at which energy is released per unit area (W/m2). 
  16. What is the equation for heat flux emitted by a real surface?
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  17. What does Image Upload symbolize? 
    Emissivity : a radiative property of the surface. Image Upload
  18. What is the definition of irradiation G?
    The rate at which all radiation is incident on a unit area of the surface.
  19. What is the rate at which radiant energy is absorbed per unit surface area?
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  20. What is the equation for Image Upload?
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  21. What does Image Upload symbolize?
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