History 1043

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  1. Pangaea Theory 
    supercontinent that slowly seperated into the 7 continents  (240 million years ago)
  2. Matrilineal Society 
    Society where familiy traces there heritage through their mother
  3. Bride Wealth 
     is an amount of money or property or wealth paid by the groom or his family to the parents of a woman upon the marriage of their daughter to the groom. 
  4. Silk Road
    • trading route between Europe & China 
    • - mostly spices and silk were traded 
    • - major tech adv. astrolobe : calculated latitude
    • european reformation - glutenburg printing press
  5. 4 Waves of British Migration
    • 1. Puritans - came for religious freedom; orderd liberty
    • 2. Virginians - royalists looking for hegemonic liberty (wealthiest = most liberty) 
    • 3. Deleware Valley - German pietists in search for reciprical liberty (you get what you give) Quakers 
    • 4. Back Country Folk came in search for natural liberty
  6. Changes in Virginia Colony in 1619
    • House of Burgesses was formed
    • Gov. appointed by crown
    • VA company reorganized 
  7. College of William & Mary
    est. 1693 by Anglicans in Williamsburg  (First college in VA colony)
  8. Bill of Liberties 
    • men were brought together by John Winthrop to set-up the Bill of Liberties
    • - there were 100 provisions to protect ppl 
    • - no feudal society 
    • - tribal by jury 
  9. Quakers 
    members of the society of Friends, a radical religious group that arose in mid 17th cent; the rejected formal theology, focused of holy spirirt that dwelt within them 
  10. Warrs of th Lord
    • King Phillip's (Metacom) war 1675-76
    • conflict between Wampanoags indians and and settlers led to war
  11. Havard University
    est. in 1636 first college  in colonies
  12. Eurocentrism 
    Europe is central to everything 
  13. Black Death/ Plague
    • 1348-1353 
    • Killed 1/3 of European populain from trade with Asia. Created social, economic, and religous upheavel 
  14. Multiple Creation Theory
    how to reconcile what we see with what we believe
  15. Hernan Cortes
    conquest of Mexico
  16. Pocahontas
    • Powhatans daughter 
    • kidnapped during the war, forcing her father to sign a peace treaty that was sealed with a marriage to John Rolfe
  17. Council of Six
    • led by John Smith
    • in Jamestown 
  18. Bacon's Rebellion
    • Former indentured servants, poor whites and poor blacks rose because they resented Gov Berkeley's friendly policies w/ the Indians.
    • Berkeley refused to retaliate for a series of Indian attacks on frontier settlements, others took matters into their own hands, attacking Indians 
  19. Dissenters
    • those who seperated from the established church (Church of England) 
    • Puritans did NOT tolerate Dissenters 
  20. German Piests 
    • Came in the 3rd wave of British migration 
    • democratic settlers, distrust in social hierarchy 
  21. William Bradford
    • founder of Plymouth 
    • Led the VA Company and Pilgrims 
    • sailed from England on the Mayflower in Sept 1620
  22. Pupe's Rebellion 
    • Indians rebelled against Spanish 
    • kicked them out Pupe becomes leader 
    • destroys Christianity symbols 
    • lasted abt 2 yrs long 
  23. Social Darwinism
    Survival of the fittest
  24. European Reformations 
    • 1456: Guttenburgs Printing Press
    • 1517: Martin Luther challenged the church (Germany)
  25. Columbian Exchange 
    • marks the beginnig of modern era of world history 
    • fauna 
    • flora
    • disease
    • misc
  26. John Smith
    leader of the council of six
  27. House of Burgesses
    • a legislature for the VA colony; first institution of representative gov in English colonies.
    • elected representatives served
  28. Puritan Beliefs
    • non-seperatists - Church is superior to state 
    • everything in moderation (except piety)
    • believe in order
  29. Salem Witchcraft Trials
    • a series of hearings and prosecutions of people (mostly women) accused of witchcraft in colonial MA.
    • women who were mostly unmarried, childless, widowed, publically independant and assertive.
  30. William Penn 
    • a English religous dissenter 
    • quaker 
    • was granted land west of deleware river 
    • saw colony as a holy emperiment  
  31. Chief Powhatan 
    • Cheif Wahunsonacook
    • chief of a confederacy of approx. 30 tribes
    • initially eager to ally w/ English 
    • changed his policy in response ro incessant english demands 
    • lost war with the English bc of the kidnapping of his daughter (Pohcahontas)
  32. Squanto
    Tisquantum was a Patuxet. He was the Native American who assisted the Pilgrims after their first winter in the New World and was integral to their survival. The Patuxet tribe was a tributary of the Wampanoag Confederacy.
  33. De La Warr 
    a "battle-hardy" lord, or baron, sent by the crown to challenge the Natives, the Natives then began to move west to avoid conflict.
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