Wordly Wise Book 7 Lesson 3

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  1. Curtail (v)
    • To cut short of reduce
    • Ex.
    • The performance was curtailed when the theater caught on fire.
  2. Discriminate (v)
    • 1. To make or recognize clear directions
    • Ex.
    • During hunting season, hikers are warned to wear bright orange apparel so that hunters can easily disriminate between them and animals.
    • 2. To treat in a less or more favorable way
    • Ex.
    • Racisism is a form of discriination.
  3. Espionage (n)
    • The act of spying, espescially a goveernment spy obtaining the secrets of another government
    • Ex.
    • During WW2, the governments of every nation was attempting to gain the secrets of the Germans and the Japanese.
  4. Inalienable (adj)
    • Not able to be taken or given away
    • Ex.
    • The Bill of Rights promises citizens inalienable rights.
  5. Incarcerate (v)
    • To confine or put in prison
    • Ex.
    • Convicts are incarcerated in prison.
  6. Indignity (n)
    • An insult to one's pride; offensive or humiliating treatment
    • Ex.
    • He was saved from great indignity when his freind caught him before he fell into the mud pit.
  7. Indiscriminate (adj)
    • 1. Not marked by careful distinctions; haphazard
    • Ex.
    • He was an indiscriminate worker, and didn't care about what task was set before him.
  8. Infamous (adj)
    • 1. Having a bad reputation; notorious
    • Ex.
    • Osama Bin Laden was very infamous.
    • 2. Disgraceful; vicious
    • Ex.
    • The defendant was charged with an infamous crime.
  9. Intercede (v)
    • To act or plead on another's behalf; to try and smooth the differences between two parties
    • Ex.
    • Instead of interceding, my parents left to allow my brother and I to sort out the problem ourseleves.
  10. Malign (v)
    • (v)
    • 1. To say negative and unfair things about someone or something; slander
    • Ex.
    • Maligning a classmate will not boost your popularity status permanently.
    • (adj)
    • 2. Evil; showing ill will
    • Ex.
    • The malign look he gave me expressed his anger.
  11. Perpetuate (v)
    • To commit, as a crie or some other antisocial act
    • Ex.
    • The con artist was guilty of perpetuating a minor scam.
  12. Rampant (adj)
    • Threateningly wild, without restraint or control; widespread
    • Ex.
    • The rampant vines covered the slope and began climbing surrounding trees.
  13. Rancor (n)
    • A deep, long-held feeling of hatred or bitterness
    • Ex.
    • His ranor for the group turned him into its implacable foe.
  14. Reparation (n)
    • 1. A mending or a repair
    • Ex.
    • The building needed reparation after the tornado.
    • 2. (usually plural) A naking up or payment for a wrongdoing or damage done, espescially in the cases of an international war
    • Ex.
    • Iraq was required to pay reparations to Kuwait after the Gulf War.
  15. Smattering (n)
    • 1. Superficial, scattered knowledge
    • Ex.
    • He picked up a smattering of Spanish while visiting Mexico.
    • 2. A small amount
    • Ex.
    • She wrote thousands of letters, on which only a smattering have been published.
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