measurement 5

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  1. Variable
    a characteristic that can vary or take on different values

    • ex) height is a variable
    • ** independent and dependent variable
  2. Value
    a number representing one of many possible states of the variable

    ex) some possible values are 6 ft or 4 feet 2 inches
  3. Score
    a specific value for a given person

    ex) my score on the variable of height is 5 feet 11 inches
  4. How to systematically observe something?
    it is critical to have a well defined or quantative system of measurement.

    • ex) how far are you sititng from screen?
    • ***use ruler or tape meausre to measure it
  5. Can Psychological properties be measured?
  6. What kind of statement is this? "some people are more shy than others
    • quantitative
    • ** subject to numeric qualification
  7. Quantitative
    subject to numeric qualification
  8. 2 types of important variables
    categorical or continuous
  9. Categorical, taxonic, qualitative or nominal variables...
    people either belong to a group or they do not.

    ex) country of origin, biological sex, animal or non animal, married vs single

    *how many people belong to each category?
  10. Continuous variables
    -people vary in a graded way with respect to the property of interest

    ex) age, working memory capacity, and marital discord

    quantitative q: how much? or to what extent or degree?
  11. (scales of measurement) Ordinal
    -designates an ordering; quasi-ranking

    -does not assume that the intervals between numbers are equal

    ex) finishing place in a race (first place, second place)
  12. (scales of measurement) interval
    -designates an equal-interval ordering

    distance between a 1 and 2 is same distance as 4 and 5

    ex) common IQ tests
  13. (scales of measurement) Ratio
    • -designates an equal-interval ordering with a true zero
    • * zero implies an absence of the thing being measured

    • ex) number of intimate relationships a peron has had.
    • *zero means none
    • * a person with 4 has had twice as many as 2
  14. MOst observable behaviors can be measured by...
  15. many unobservable psychological qualities are measured on...
    on general by interval scales
  16. chart order
    • variables: categorical
    •                 COntinuous: ordinal, interval, ratio
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