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  1. Lymphatic system absorbs what type of fluid
    interstitial fluid
  2. Lymphatic system houses
    immune system
  3. once interstitial fluid is in the lyphatic system it is called
  4. what is the largest lymphatic organ
  5. lymphatic organ where the lymphocyte matures
    thymus gland
  6. lymphatic organ that have dead end lymphatic capillaries, have valves
    lymphatic vessels
  7. what is a unique quality of lymphatic system
    has dead end lymphatic capillaries
  8. Which part of the lymphatic system filters lymph and
    contact between immune cells and pathogens
    lymph nodes
  9. which part of the lymphatic system is not a gland or organ and is found in organs-intestines
    lymphatic tissues
  10. M.A.L.T is the acronym for...
    and is associated with...
    • mucous associated lymphatic tissue
    • associated with intestines
  11. these are concentrated lymphatic tissues
    lymphatic nodules
  12. is a connective tissue framework of organs
  13. The indentation on an organ (kidney, lungs, lymph nodes) where vessels are connected is called a
    hilum (hilus)
  14. afferent means
    towards or incoming
  15. efferent means
    outgoing or away from
  16. How many tonsil are there and name them
    • 5 tonsils
    • 2 sublingual tonsils
    • 2 palatine tonsils
    • 1 adenoid (pharygeal) tonsil
  17. removal of palatine tonsil and or adenoid tonsil if needed
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