Nicholas I

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  1. What was among the first acts conducted by Nicholas I
    the arrest on prosecution of the decembrist
  2. Who was Nicholas I brother? And why could he not ascend to the thrown
    Grand Duke Constantine, because he married a polish aristocrat
  3. Instead of liberal, Nicholas was more orientated towards _________
  4. What were the ad hoc comittees
    Because he though the way the council of state operated he created the ad hoc to operate outside of the legal code.
  5. Who composed of the ad hoc comittee and why did it eventually fail
    it was the tsars close friends and it failed because of internal fighting
  6. What was His Majesty's Own Chancery
    a group designed to handle government and focus on immediate issue. Eventuall expanding into six departments and mimickinga bureaucratic department
  7. What was the third department of the Chancery
    national level military police, teh gendarmerie
  8. What was Nicholas's stance on sefrdom
    he thought it was a moral evil but understood the eliminating of serfdom was bad for russia
  9. What were Nicholas's de jure reforms
    allowed serfs to purchase their own freedom
  10. In which war did persia contest russia's control on georgia
    Russo-Persian war (1826-28)
  11. What was Russification
    policy of adopting russian language and cultural practices.
  12. What  mis calculated war did Nicholas lead russia into
    The crimean war
  13. Who was russia fighting in the crimean war
    France, Great Britian, Turkey, and Sardinia
  14. What was the origin of the Crimean War
    over religous access to the holy lands because of the influence of the catholic church and french cooperation with the ottomans threatening control of the turkish straits
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