The Mother Land Calls

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  1. Where did Irakli study art?
    Georgian Academy of Fine Arts
  2. What types of posters did Irakli design
    Posters of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin
  3. What title did Irakli gain within moscow
    Honored Worker of teh Russian Federation
  4. What award did Irakli get
    USSR State Prize
  5. How was Irakli's approach to making art
    He didn't make art for fame, rather for the public and to convey the soviet parties message
  6. What is the central image of the piece and what does it signify
    an intense women coupled with dramatic contrasts of black, white, and red to achieve visual impact
  7. What is the women wearing and what is she looking at
    A red hooded cloak and stares at the viewer
  8. What is she doing with her right hand
    It's extending foward with text to read for the viewer
  9. What is she doing with her left hand
    It is up and directed back to the message
  10. What is seen in the background
    Bayonets pointing toward the sky, implying their are troops behind her
  11. What purpose is the women serving
    A rallying point for the implied soldiers and engages the viewer as if asking for wartime sacrifice
  12. The text the women gestures to with her left hand reads what
    The Mother Land Calls
  13. What does "Mother" represent
    represents protection and the need for protection in terms of duty and ones country
  14. What emphasis was placed on text
    Heavy influence, alolowing it to be in the forground and large
  15. What double referrence does the poster imply
    Obligation to duty of country and family
  16. Who is the women in The Motherland is calling modeled after
    Toidze's wife TAMARA after hearing the Nazi's had invaded
  17. What is the story behind Toidze using his wife Tamara as the model
    She rushed into his studio crying of the invasion, he asked her to hold position
  18. What is an example of a propaganda poster that didn't use Social Realist style
    "Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge" - El Lissitzky
  19. What does El Lissitzky's Red Wedge show
    A white circle being consumed by a red triangle
  20. Why could artists in this time not used propoganda without Social Realism
    Strict contrains by the govt
  21. Who's style clearly influence propoganda posters
    Illya Repin
  22. In what way did Repin's work inspire propoganda
    Sympathetic portrayals of lives of workers (was celebrated by the soviet state for heroic treatment of Proletariat)
  23. The image of a Women representing the Motherland was not new, what was the other emxaple
    French Marianne (symbol of French Republic) and Statue of Liberty
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