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  1. Combat Power
    The total means of destructive, constructive or information force which a military unit/formation can apply against the opponent at a given time.
  2. 8 Elements of Combat Power
    • -Multipliers
    • --Leadership
    • --Information
    • -Warfighting Functions
    • --Movement & Maneuver
    • --Intelligence
    • --Fires
    • --Sustainment
    • --Mission Command
    • --Protection
    • ...Warfighting Functions generate combat power...
  3. Levels of War
    • Strategic - National interests
    • Operational - Campaign & major operations
    • Tactical - Battles & engagements
  4. Commander's Intent
    Purpose, Key Tasks, End State
  5. Definition of Strategic Level
    A nation or group of nations dertermine national and multinational security objectives and guidance and use national resources to accomplish those objectives.
  6. Definition of Operational Level
    The level at which campaigns and major operations are conducted and sustained to accomplish strategic objectives within theaters or areas of operation.
  7. Definition of Tactical Level
    The level at which battles and engagements are planned and executed to accomplish military objectives assigne to tactical units and forces.
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